10 Fast Ways to Live a Zen Lifestyle

5 Fast Ways to Live a Zen Lifestyle

Chris Savage – Lifestyle Coach

Zen Lifestyle

Key Points

  • The paradigm of Zen takes time to cultivate
  • Zen people don’t let their inner bs control them. It’s not that they don’t have any; it’s how they choose to respond
  • Anything positive you want to achieve in your life becomes more accessible from a Zen perspective
  • Cultivating a Zen mentality starts at the source – your thoughts.

What Makes a Person Zen?

Life is an amalgamation of energy vibrating at different frequencies and intertwining to create what we perceive as our reality.

This brings us to the concept and practice of living Zen. The concept of zen energy originated in the Japanese school of Mahayana Buddism.

Zen is calm, intuitive energy that guides you through life with ease while pursuing your life’s purpose.

So what makes a person’ zen’? The answer is their energy and the vibe they radiate while going about their everyday life.

People with a zen mindset are easy to recognize.

The Zen mindset can keep a calm and neutral perspective going through stress and chaos.

Zen energy is free-flowing. You see wonder even in the little things (the intricate colors of a butterfly or the beauty of rich green grass).

Zen people don’t let their inner bs control them. It’s not that they don’t have any; it’s how they choose to respond that lets them live a zen life.

“Wherever you are, it’s the place you need to be” Maxime Lagacé.

Zen LifestyleWhat Are the Benefits of Living Zen?

Living Zen is not a fad or a gimmick.

It’s a conscious choice to instill habits of thought and behaviors that support a psychologically healthy and abundant life.

Anything positive you want to achieve in your life comes more accessible from a Zen perspective when you go at it.

Temporary setbacks are no problem. Something better is on the way.

The stock you bought dropped in price the day after you bought it. No problem, that’s how it works; you can buy more now it’s cheaper.

Living Zen frees us from unnecessary stress and worry that we’ve accepted as our reality, whether or not we like it.

A more positive outlook, better health and vibrancy, and an increased zest for life are just a few of the benefits of living Zen.

“Rest and be kind, you don’t have to prove anything” – Jack Kerouac

How Do You Get a Zen Mentality?

Cultivating a Zen mentality starts at the source – your thoughts. How you habitually think and process the world largely determines your outcomes in life.

The mind and body are two parts of the same system, working in unison to create what you call reality.

A Zen mentality is developed mainly through life experience and being an observer of how your mind works.

Are you overly anxious? That’s not Zen.

Do you constantly worry about things that might not even happen? That’s not Zen either.

Are you stoic and emotionally neutral when the pressure is on? That’s Zen.

Do you remain emotionally detached from outcomes you can’t control and instead put your energy into what you do control? – That’s Zen.

Books and videos about Zen are great, but they’ll only take you so far.

If you want to think and live Zen, implement Zen practices that align with your desired outcomes.

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know”Pema Chödrön

Zen LifestyleHow Do You Live a Zen Lifestyle?

1. Accumulate Knowledge

We accumulate knowledge by gaining information. But it doesn’t stop there.

Every piece of knowledge you accumulate changes how you think, even on a micro-level. Keep reading and listening to intelligent people speak about what they’re passionate about.

Learn specific Zen teachings, incorporate them into your frame of thought, and live them out in the world.

2. Release Your Baggage

Everyone carries emotional baggage. Before you can embody Zen, a process of emotional release and clearing helps clear your mind from the chaos so you can feel more centered.

Baggage is memories you’ve been holding onto or insecurities about yourself.

You’ve probably had experiences where your baggage has held you back, but now it’s time to change.

There are a few ways to release negative emotions associated with memories, but they’re not instant solutions.

They take patience and discipline from you before things start to change.

3. Realign Yourself

Realigning your life means detoxing it of all things unnecessary and instead refocusing on yourself and what you want.

It’s easy to veer off course once you develop negative habits. Still, it’s always possible to improve your position from where you are now.

The first thing to have is a clear goal that you’re willing to work and put in the effort to achieve. Once you have that goal in your mind, your world starts to frame itself around it.

4. Use Creativity

That means creating a life around you that makes Zen possible to flourish. Nothing good can come if you get caught up in everyday drama.

Creation is an opening of the soul allowing your true self to shine through. Creativity relates to Zen because when you’re creating, you’re tapping into the source of who you are.

5. Change Your Paradigm

Changing your paradigm means transforming your entire worldview.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but you can completely change how you view and feel about the world surrounding you each day.

The paradigm of Zen takes time to cultivate. Set an intention for your life, then start shedding what you don’t like about your life, layer by layer.

As you release baggage from the past and begin focusing on your inner peace, you create an open space for Zen energy and mindset to become who you are.

“The noble-minded are calm and steady. Little people are forever fussing and fretting” Confucius

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