Yesterday is History Make Life Great Today!

Yesterday is History Make Life Great Today!

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Yesterday is History

Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. 

Don't get caught up in your past regrets and failures or project your fears onto your future efforts. 

Instead, focus on what you can do right now to make yourself more successful.

Even improving yourself by 1% each week leads to exponential growth and massive success over time.

Tomorrow is a Mystery

Tomorrow is always shrouded in uncertainty. 

We don't know what will happen even 5 minutes from now.

But right now, today, we have an opportunity to live our lives in the best way we can and be satisfied with what we have.

Tomorrow is a blank canvas.

We can make better decisions today that can move us closer to health, prosperity, and inner peace.

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Live in the Now

Today is an opportunity to enjoy life and live with a sense of purpose and mission. 

Our time here on Earth is finite; at some point, it's going to end.

That's why it's so important to live right now, today, instead of waiting.

The past is the past. Learn from it and move on, and don't look back.

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

5 Ways to Be Better

Replace Bad Habits

Your habits shape your life.

When you have negative habits, you're holding yourself back with your own behaviour. 

But when your life is filled with positive habits, everything starts looking up and good luck finds its way into your life.

Negative habits are a drain on your energy and time. 

Even if they're pleasurable in the short term some habits can do serious harm over a lifetime.

Changing negative habits can be difficult at first, but if you keep trying, eventually they'll disappear for good.

"Make sure your habits support your dreams and goals, and the type of life you want to live."

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Know Your Why

We all have parts of ourselves we want to change. So why don't we?

A lot of times, it comes down to motivation and drive.

If something is meaningless to us, why would we bother taking action?

So, what drives you? 

When your "Why" is strong enough and you make an effort, things start falling into place.

There are two types of motivations when it comes to personal change. External and internal.

External reasons are anything outside of you. 

Internal reasons are more about who you are and what you believe in. 

Your "Why" will be unique to you, and you can't use anyone else's "Why." 

You have to find your own compelling reason "Why" you want to do, be, or have something before you can make your life great.

"When you really want something, and you have a strong enough reason why, sooner or later you'll have it."

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Have Clear Intentions

It's vital to know what you want and have a clear intention to go and get it. 

That way, when opportunities appear that align with your intentions, you can take advantage quickly without wasting time. 

If you don't have clear intentions, success becomes a matter of random luck. 

That's not the best strategy to base your life on.

You'll notice most successful people are very intentional about what they want and how their habits are aligned or misaligned with their desired outcomes. 

They use clarity to make better decisions and to produce better results.

Success is a decision, and a lifestyle choice.

"Today is a gift - Be very clear about what you want because you just might get it."

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Never Stop Learning

Attaining knowledge and applying that knowledge the surest way to greatness. 

Ideas can change everything. The more you learn the more you become.

When you feel better, you act better.

Your new behaviors create new circumstances in your life.

There are no excuses. You can learn anything for free on the internet.

New information is a powerful way to improve yourself and your life.

So what are you waiting for?

"Yesterday is history; forget about it! - Feed your mind with knowledge and take action."

How To Get What You Want

Do Your Passions First

It's not always easy  to have a clear idea about what you want to do with your life.

But you can start with your passions.

Spend the maximum amount of time doing those things you're passionate about.

There are a lot of different ways to pursue passions and goals

People who have achieved their most important goals had a clear idea about what they wanted, and never gave up.

They endured failures, rejection, frustration, and embarrassment. 

But they kept on going, one step at a time until they broke through.

Things don't always work out initially.

However frustrating that is, there's always another opportunity waiting around the corner.

That's the champion mindset that carries you on to greatness.

"Tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift - Live with passion."

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Things to Remember

-Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

-Tomorrow we don't know what will happen. But today we have the chance to live our lives and be happy with what we have.

-We're all going to die someday and we never really know when, so if you want to get the most out of life, start living your best life today.

-When you have negative habits, you're holding yourself back with your own behaviours.

-When your "Why" is strong enough and you make the effort, everything starts falling into place.

-It's important to have clear intentions for what you want in your life.

-Who you are is a result of how you think. When you think differently you act differently, which creates new circumstances in your life.

-No matter what you do, work as hard as you can towards your passions and goals.

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery

Quotes About Living Your Best Life

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” — Dalai Lama

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” — Stephen King

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”– Thomas A. Edison

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”– Albert Einstein

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” – Steve Jobs