Tired of Being a Loser? 11 Ways How to Win

Tired of Being a Loser? 11 Ways How to Win

Tired Of Being A Loser?

Tired of Being a Loser? 

Tired of being a loser?

It's time to start winning.

At your core you're a sum total of your habitual thoughts and behaviours.

You weren't born a loser.

Maybe you just got lazy and let your standards fall. 

Maybe you've had nothing worth improving for.

If you're not doing anything with your life and you have no goals, your being a loser. 

You're the only person who can decide to be a loser or a winner, and you're always capable of more than you think.

I've been a student of personal transformation for over 10 years.

I discovered what I've found to be the most effective and direct path to becoming a winner.

I'll share with you what I found.

Let's dive in...

11 Ways How to Be a Winner

1. Reinvent Yourself

A positive self image is the first part of any change.

Feeling like a loser weighs heavily on your self esteem.

If you want to change that you need to change how you see yourself.

See yourself as a winner.

When you think like a winner and act like a winner, you eventually become one.

Your self image and personal standards determine the direction your life takes.

When you see yourself as a loser you think and act like one.

You limit yourself to the confines of a loser.

The same is true when you see yourself as a winner, but there's more upside.

Your mind does whatever it takes to stay consistent with your self-identity.

If it needs to self sabotage, it will. 

You'll be on a roll then do something so incredibly stupid all your progress will be wiped out.

The best way to rebuild your self-identity is to take action.

Start new behaviours that make you feel good about yourself.

Set new goals and find a purpose worth working for.

Create a vision in your mind of yourself as a winner.

Keep that image in your mind. Adjust your behaviour to be inline with that image. 

Identify exactly what is making you feel like a loser and stop doing it.

Then you're ready for the next step...

Tired Of Being A Loser?

3. Build Your Self Confidence

Self-confidence and self-belief are the building blocks for your success. 

Without them you won't travel far.

When you have them the world is yours.

You're more proactive and resourceful. 

You find a way to make it happen.

When you start something you finish it.

When hard times hit you keep pushing through.

Losers don't even start.

If they do they quit at the first sign of difficulty to go and do something else.

You develop your self-confidence by acting as if you already have it. 

The fastest way to be more confident is to change how you think and what you believe. 

Which takes us to the next step... 

Tired Of Being A Loser?

3. Start Thinking Like a Champion

How you think is who you become.

Losers are pessimistic and doubtful.

They look for why things won't work and convince themselves it's not worth trying.

Winners have an optimistic view of the world.

They acknowledge that things don't always work out but they're willing to try. 

Which one do you want to be? 

When you have a positive outlook your mind seeks out opportunity. 

When you don't believe it's possible your brain shuts down before you begin.

Avoid mental laziness and self defeat. Open your mind to the possibilities that are right in front of you.

The game of life is played in the mind.  

You get to choose your thoughts and beliefs. 

It starts with consciously deciding to change.

But as time goes on it becomes second nature. Over time you become what you think about.

As your thoughts start changing so will your actions. 

That's when habits kick in...

4. Form New, Better Habits

If you're not living the type of life that you want to be living, take a look at your habits. 

If what you're doing day in and day out isn't aligned to your top goals you'll never have them.

Think about someone who sets a goal to build a business. 

They say they want it but look at their habits. Midday naps, Netflix, Social media. 

If they have an hour or two spare they might sit down and work on their new business idea.

Their habits aren’t conducive to achieving the goal. 

Winners work on their goals every day. Their life revolves around their aims. 

Their most important goals are the focus points of their life.

They sacrifice a million other distractions to work on one thing.

Building good habits is an ongoing process. You don't do it only when you feel like it.

You have to reinforce the new habit everyday.

It's up to you to know what you want and form habits to help you get it.

Repetition is the key to forming habits.

Like someone trying to break an addiction, if you slip up once you're toast. 

You're back to the beginning again.

Start the new behaviour and stay consistent.

By now your self-image has started to shift.

You feel confident and your thoughts and habits are more that of a winner than a loser.

Well done.

It's time to work on your attitude...

Tired Of Being A Loser?

5. Adopt a Positive Attitude

Think about your attitude.

Are you generally positive or negative?

Your attitude filters the world around you and tells your brain what to focus on. 

What you focus on becomes your reality.

Your attitude is an attraction mechanism. 

When you open yourself up to opportunity it starts to find you. 

With a closed mind you won't even see it.

The main difference between winners and losers is their attitudes.

A genuine positive attitude isn't being fake or pretending your life's perfect.

Life can be tough. 

But the right attitude gets you through it and on to better things. 

6. Compete Against Yourself

Winners are always trying to improve.

Their enemy is within, and their fiercest competitor is themselves.

When the pressure's on they perform. They use it to make themselves better, stronger, and smarter.

Adrenaline and tension are their friend. 

A person with a losers mentality shy's away from competition.

They don't believe in themselves enough to compete. 

They accept defeat before the game has begun.

If you want to move from being a loser to a winner, challenge yourself.

Put yourself in a situation where you have to improve.

Grow or die. A fundamental law of nature. 

As a winner you have a clear sense of your purpose.

You won't stop until you have your intended outcome.

Most plans won't work out as you expect. 

But you'll change your approach and go on to win anyway.

The only person you’re in competition with is yourself.

The purpose of competing with yourself is to grow and develop.

To become more than you now are. 

Competing against yourself at the gym improves your physical performance and results. 

Compete against yourself financially increases your personal wealth.

Competing against yourself is a commitment to constant improvement. 

To be competitive you need to be in the best shape you can be, physically and psychologically.

Tired Of Being A Loser?

7. Build a Strong Healthy Body

Being a winner means being above average.

You need a strong mind and a healthy body.

That will give the  energy, clarity and confidence you need. 

It doesn't have to be complicated.

Eat clean. Exercise. Get enough sleep.

Take care of yourself. Avoid putting toxic chemicals into your body. 

Cigarettes, drugs and excessive alcohol are a death sentence.

So is junk food and sugar.

You already know what to do.

Losers know what to do but don't do it.

Winners know what to do and they do it. 

That small distinction is the difference between failure and success. 

Only allow quality information to enter your mind.

Read good books. Listen to audios. 

Watch educational programs that teach you something valuable.

Success doesn't have to be complicated. 

Make your mind and body strong.

Stop being a loser and decide to be a winner. 

Tired Of Being A Loser?

8. Face Your Challenges With Courage

Everyone experiences challenging times.

How you respond is what determines success or failure.

Winners find opportunity in challenge.

Jocko Willink has a great technique for responding to life’s challenges. You can watch it here. 

When something doesn’t go your way don’t let it destroy you. 

It might take the wind out of you at first. But once you've got your wits about you keep at it.

Decide to endure. Take as much action as you possibly can to right the situation.

Accept whats out of your control. Let it go for now. 

Do what you can with what you have from where you are.

9. Upgrade Your Skills

Some people think when they finish school their learning is done. 

A lot of people don't even read books.

Winners are always upgrading their knowledge and capabilities.

If they have to make sacrifices by attending night school or weekend workshops they do it. 

They understand the power of knowledge followed by massive action.

There's so much great information you can learn, but don't spread yourself thin.

Focus on one or two key areas and go deep. 

Your goals is to attain mastery in these areas, however long it takes.

Think about what you want and the skills you need to get it.

Find the information. Book into the course. Buy the book. 

You're the only person who can make yourself successful.

No-one will do it for you.

Tired Of Being A Loser? Heres How To Be A Winner

10. Take Calculated Risk

There are no rewards without risk.

Risk is taking an action with a possibility of winning or losing.

Don’t take dumb risks.

But if you want to be a winner have to take a chance. 

The loser sits in their comfort zone. They have dreams but they never take action.

Then they beat themselves up for not getting anywhere. 

These spirals lead to regret and depression.

When you see an opportunity go for it. 

Back yourself. What's the worse that could happen? 

If your upside is worth the risk and your downside won't destroy you, do it.

Don’t sit around thinking about it. 


Someone will steal your opportunity if you don't make a move.

Winners take calculated risk.

Tired Of Being A Loser? Heres How To Be A Winner

11. Become a Nicer Person

Life is a gift.  A brief speck of time that will be gone before you know it.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have right now, however minor or unimportant you might think it is.

You need goals and a plan for the future, but it's also important to spend time in the present.

Appreciate the simple things in life. Nature, animals, and music.

Look around you now.

How many things could you appreciate right now?

Always appreciate yourself. 

Be a good person to yourself and others.

Surround yourself with positivity and an abundant mindset.

Participate in life. Don't sit on the sidelines waiting.

It will never come to you, you have to go and get it.

So now it's your turn.

Are you tired of being a loser?

Make the decision today that you will be a winner.

All change starts from within, so what are you waiting for?

Best Quotes About Winning in Life

"If you don't see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner" - Zig Ziglar

"If you can shrug off a loss, you can't be a winner" - Vince Lombardi

"If you're going to be a winner in life, you have to constantly go beyond your best"       - Robert Kiyosaki

"A winner never stops trying" - Tom Landry

"A winner never whines" - Paul Brown