How to Use the Power of Mindset to Make Yourself Rich

The Power of Mindset Can Make Your Life Rich

By Chris Ross, D.Psych.

The Power Of Mindset

1. Visualization

Visualization is a ​powerful tool you can use to transform your ideas into reality. In your minds eye, you’re creating an image in your mind about an outcome you desire to see happen. Visualization on its own is pure fantasy. But visualization backed by desire and action is a powerful force that can change your life.

2. Exercise

There’s a misconception about exercise that it’s all about abs and biceps and toned bodies. While it undoubtedly is, the real benefit of exercise is what it does for your mindset.  When you’re working out, you release endorphins, also known as happy hormones.

Endorphins give your confidence, self-esteem, and joy for life a good boost. Over time regular physical activity and endorphin release changes the structure of your brain. As new neurons fire and wire, you create new neural pathways leading to new thoughts and better behaviors.

3. Reading

Good books are a lot more than just words on a page. You gain knowledge and understanding while at the same time developing the power of your mind.  A powerful mindset can enhance your mental faculties like thought processes and emotions. And reading is essential in building and strengthening that capacity, ultimately making you more intelligent.

Reading is working out your brain as you would a muscle in a gym.

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The Power Of Mindset

4. Mentors

A mentor is someone who guides you on your path by sharing knowledge and experience they’ve gained while traveling a similar path before you. Learning from mentors boosts your mind power and ability to make things happen.

You’re stimulated by new ideas and ways of thinking that integrate into your consciousness and become part of you. You don’t have to know someone personally for them to be your mentor. Virtual mentors can be just as good, and you can access them at any time.

Learning from mentors gives you a map to follow, can save you years of trial and error.

5. Travel

Have you ever returned from traveling somewhere new and felt like your whole mindset had changed? Traveling changes how you think by broadening your perspective of the world and how you process your life experience. When people travel, they escape from their everyday life and their negative thoughts and feelings. Traveling gets you out of your day-to-day routines and widens your view of the world.

The Power Of Mindset

6. Take Stock

How we think defines who we become. Taking a moment to pause and take stock of our lives gives us a chance to reevaluate our place in the world and reset our state of mind. So how do you take stock of your life and get more clarity about yourself?

Start by asking yourself a few questions like; What am I grateful for in my life? What am I looking forward to? What makes me feel happy and fulfilled? How can I improve myself and my life even more? You gain insights you might not have seen before by asking yourself these questions and answering them honestly.

Look for behaviors and personality traits that aren’t serving you, and change them.

7. Seek More

Goal setting and the right mindset go hand in hand. Without the right mindset, you can’t achieve your goals, and without meaningful goals, you can never fully develop your champion mindset. Are there things you want in your life but that seem too out of reach? That’s a mindset problem.

Do you set goals but can’t get yourself to follow through? That’s also a mindset problem. How you feel about yourself and your life has a significant effect on your goals. And by improving your mindset, you can change your outcomes entirely. The most important part of achieving any goals is having the right mindset.


8. Meditation

Meditation soothes your mind, body, and soul. It’s an excellent way to keep your mind at peace and not get too overwhelmed with stress. When we feel good, we think more positively about ourselves and life in general. Ideally, you want to make meditation a habit by doing it every day, even for 5 or 10 minutes.

Daily meditation is a powerful tool that you can use to stay in the moment and be more mindful. Mental clarity is power, and you can attain that power of the mind through daily meditation.

9. Self-Reflect

Self-reflection is the act of observing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. A healthy self-perception is an essential foundation for a fulfilling, prosperous life. A lot of our problems stem from how we see ourselves.

If you’re not confident or have low self-esteem, you won’t pursue your goals with full vigor. If you see yourself as unattractive or unlovable, you’ll isolate yourself socially or avoid talking to that person you have a thing for. When you identify errors in your thinking and self-perception, you can start to improve on them.

The Power Of Mindset

10. Show Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t just a feeling; it’s a mindset and a habit.  When we feel grateful for what we have, we open ourselves up to receiving more good things into our lives. The act of being grateful is an expression of positive emotion, and it appears to have a strong influence on mental health and longevity. What are some of the benefits of practicing gratitude daily?

  • A better attitude
  • Richer relationships
  • Increased focus on your goals
  • You make better decisions
  • You enjoy life so much more

It’s incredible how often we overlook the positive aspects of our lives and instead dwell on what we don’t have yet. Be grateful for what you have here and now, then place your focus on what you want and go and get it! Gratitude removes the ego and focuses on what is.

11. Language

Your language affects your state of mind. If you tell yourself something often enough, you’ll start to believe it.  So what can be done? How can we improve our language patterns to be more optimistic without denying reality? Start with the basics; never refer to yourself in the negative like “I’m stupid” or “I’m a failure.”

To maintain positivity in your life and avoid negativity, become aware of how often you use these phrases throughout the day. On an unconscious level, how you speak reinforces your self-identity. Always re-frame your self-criticism with a positive spin. Words can inspire, motivate, and uplift people. Use your language wisely.

12. Physiology

Are our minds affected by how we move our bodies? You better believe it! Your mind and body are two parts of the same system.  You can’t change one without affecting the other. Our neurochemicals influence the way we feel, think, and behave. Think about how you move your body. Do you drop your shoulders and walk around with a scowl on your face?

Or do you walk with your shoulders back and your head held high with a friendly smile? If you want to improve your mindset, improve your physiology.”

13. Write Your Destiny

Writing is therapy for your mind.  It teaches you how to think and be more articulate in your communication. If nothing else, writing down your thoughts lightens some of the weight you’ve been carrying for who knows how long.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings in written words exposes negative beliefs that hold you back from being a better version of yourself.

You’re also forming new neural connections in your brain, making the act of writing a powerful tool for mindset optimization. Write about your thoughts, feelings, fears, and goals. Decide what you want and go get it.

14. Nutrition

As we touched on earlier, your mind and body are two parts of the same system. To live an enjoyable life of never-ending improvement, we need a strong mind and body.

That’s where diet and supplementation come into the picture and can be the difference between feeling down or energetic. Your diet doesn’t have to be complex or time-intensive either, It should be straightforward. When used the right way, health supplements and diet do wonders for your mental health.

15. Self-Develop

Mindset and personal success are inextricably linked. There are common traits and behavioral patterns found in all successful people. If you have a developed sense of self-esteem and confidence you’ll undoubtedly achieve more than if you didn’t. Our mindsets dictate how we behave and what we do, so the more you optimize your mind, the better your decisions and results will be.  

Personal development is an ongoing journey that can reap great rewards.

16. Do Difficult Things

Doing hard things brings us out of our comfort zones and builds a confident and resilient mindset. When we get too comfortable, we become complacent and lazy.  And if we’re not making progress, even in small ways, we’re falling behind. As you overcome resistance and challenge, you become more capable of handling problems.

You make better decisions and more easily navigate your way through life. Doing difficult things builds a strong mindset as you become a better person.

17. Walk in Nature

Nature has a calming effect, releasing stress and bringing your awareness back to the source. When you’re outdoors in nature, you feel your mind at ease. Spending regular time in natural beauty and forgetting all your everyday problems does miracles for your state of mind. The benefits of getting out into nature are better focus, more creativity, and greater joy from life’s small moments.

18. Choose Your Peers

We’re social creatures being influenced by the people around us, whether we’re conscious of it or not. If you spend time with productive, goal-minded people, you become one. Likewise, if your peers are involved with crime, sooner or later, so will you. Who we surround ourselves with affects how we think and feel, shaping the lens through which we view our lives.

Choose to spend time around people who are a positive influence and who share a similar mindset. And even better, be a positive influence on yourself!

Think and live well. Your success is closer than you think.

©, October 2021

Key Points

Visualization backed by desire and action is a powerful force that can change your life. Endorphins boost your confidence, self-esteem, and joy for life. Good books are a lot more than just words on a page. Learning from mentors boosts your mind power and your ability to make things happen. Traveling changes how you think by broadening your perspective of the world.

Take a moment to pause and take stock of your life. Without the right mindset, you can’t achieve your goals. Daily meditation is a powerful tool. Self-reflection is the act of observing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When we feel grateful for what we have, we open ourselves up to receive.

Language has a significant effect on your state of mind. Your mind and body are two parts of the same system. Mindset and personal success are inextricably linked. Doing difficult things will change your life for the better.

Best Quotes

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

“Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.” – Brian Tracy

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” –  George Bernard Shaw

“With confidence, you have won before you have started.” – Marcus Garvey

“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill