20 Sexy Signs Your Guy Friend is Falling For You

20 Sexy Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling for You

By Susan Suarez, Dip. Psych

Signs Your Guyfriend Has Fallen For You

1. He Doesn’t Like it When You’re With Other Guys

If you bring up other guys or speak about liking someone, does he seem to talk it down? 

Or does he say things like “I don’t think he’s right for you” or “you can do way better?” 

His reactions would be pretty different if he had no romantic interest in you. 

“Give it a go; he seems like a good guy” would be something he says if he hasn’t fallen for you.

2. He Doesn’t Mention Other Girls

He might be actively seeking female company via dating apps or just going out to meet new women. 

But he won’t tell you any of that. He wants to keep the gates open for the two of you to get together. 

He knows women tend to feel jealous, and he’s not sure if he mentions other girls you’ll think he’s not interested in you.

3. He’s Always on Your Side

No matter the situation, he always takes your side. 

Even when, as a friend, he should tell you honestly that you’re probably responsible for, or at least contributed to, the situation you’re now in.

But no, he’ll back you to the hilt because he’s fallen for you and wants to win your acceptance.

Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You

4. He Complements You

Men know women love to hear compliments. 

When a guy has feelings for you, he looks closer and notices more details than the average guy would.

Guys don’t go out of their way to compliment women they’re not attracted to (minus their family). 

5. He Suggests You Guys Might Work

If your guy friend mentions things like “we’d be great together” then yeah, he wants you as more than just a friend.

Words are powerful. 

Even a casual slip of the tongue can show what’s going on inside that person.

Keep your ears open for the words coming out. What is he telling you?

6. He Contacts You More Often Than He Used to

When you two were just buddies, you’d catch up, chat on the phone or maybe send a text or two.

But now he’s making more of an effort. 

He’s calling you more than he used to and has generally taken up a more prominent presence in your life. 

Just like a girl wouldn’t always be contacting a guy she wasn’t interested in, the same for your guy friend. 

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7. He Arranges Date Type Meet Ups

Ok, so there’s a difference between a date and a catch-up. 

As friends, you might have a bite or hang out doing things friends do, and you can hang out in groups just as easily as with each other.

But now, his plans are more on the romantic side. 

Just the two of you going somewhere lovely as if you were, in fact, a couple. 

8. He Starts Being Cute With You

If your guy friend changed his tune and is being cute with you lately, what does that tell you?

Men aren’t cute with women they aren’t attracted to; it just doesn’t happen. 

But if he’s saying cute things, particularly about you, giving you cute gifts, or sending you cute (cringe) messages and memes, he’s falling for you.

9. He’s Protective When People Mention You

We protect the people we love. 

When your name comes up, your guy friend, who wants to be more than friends, will have your back.

He’ll always put you in a positive light and defend your opinions or actions. 

Of course, you won’t be there to hear it, but one way or another, it will probably get back to you. 

10. He Gets Smushy After When He’s Drunk

Alcohol is popular with people because it gives them the confidence to say and do things they otherwise wouldn’t, but they really mean.

If you’re getting drunk texts at 3 am saying “hey, I love you” then he’s saying what he means. 

He just doesn’t feel comfortable telling you sober.

Signs Your Guyfriend Has Fallen For You

11. He Mentions He’s Not Interested in Other Girls

If a guy goes out of his way to mention to you he’s not interested in other girls; then he’s interested in you.

It’s his way of saying he doesn’t want anyone else, and he’s fully available for you. 

If he casually mentions there are no other girls he’s attracted to or wishes there were more girls like you, he’s sending you a clear message.

12. Everyone Knows Except You

Do your friends keep telling you they think he’s fallen for you? 

If you hear this regularly, maybe it’s time to start listening. Your friends, his friends, everyone knows except you.

If he has fallen for you and is showing you signs, and people around you are telling you the same thing, and you STILL haven’t noticed, then it’s time to wake up!

13. Mutal Friends Are Giving You Hints

It’s one thing for people to know that he likes you, but if your mutual friends tell you to your face, you have to sit up and take notice.

Unless you’re purposely staying in denial, because you don’t feel the same, but you don’t want to risk losing the friendship. 

But even if that’s true, ignoring it won’t make it go away. It will probably make him want you more. 

Just talk about it.

14. You Already Like a Couple

Date nights, constant messaging, and choosing to spend time with each other over time with anyone else? 

Then you’re virtually a couple already.

The only thing missing is sexual intimacy if it hasn’t happened already.

Who cares what anyone thinks or says? Your happiness is your priority, if there’s something there, go for it!

15. He’s Touchy Feely

Affection is a sign of attraction. 

If he’s showing a newfound affection for you, keeping you close, putting his hand on your lower back, or holding you that extra few seconds when you embrace, he wants to be more than just friends.

Tell him if you’re not into it; if you like it, then escalate. 

Signs Your Guyfriend Has Fallen For You

16. He Gives You ‘That Look’

You know that look. 

Two strangers can give each other “that look” from across a crowded room, and they both know instantly they share a mutual attraction. 

It’s a gleam in the eye from theirs to yours, sending a message of interest.

If there’s a special twinkle in your guy friend’s eyes when he’s looking into you, guess what?

17. He Shows Real Interest When You Speak 

If he’s super interested, even more so than usual, he’s elevated you in his eyes, and everything you say takes on a higher level of importance.

When we like someone, we’re more interested in what they have to say, and we want to know more about them.

Try it next time. Start speaking about something and observe how he responds.

18. He Remembers Minor Things You Tell Him

If he mentions random details about you he’s been paying attention to what you say (see sign 17) and making a point to remember it.

He could be an avid listener, but it’s more likely he likes you, more than just friends, and you have a special place in his heart.

This is especially true when he surprises you with something you once mentioned because he knows you like it.

Signs Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You

19. He Pursues You

A man doesn’t pursue a woman he’s not interested in. 

All the signs you’ve read here are signs of male pursuit, but there are other signs to look for.

If he’s calling you cute names, carefully planning dates to be just how he knows you like them, or going out of his way to be with you or around you, then yes, he’s pursuing you.

20. He Includes You in His Plans

If he’s planning to go out with his friends, he’ll want to bring you along. 

If he has some time off work, he’ll make plans that include you. 

When we’ve fallen for someone, we want to spend the maximum amount of time we have with them, at least initially.

If you’re an automatic add-on to any plans he makes, you can be sure of one thing; Your guy friend has fallen for you.

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Best Quotes About Your Guy Friend Falling for You

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable” ~ Jess C. Scott

“Friendship is love minus sex and plus reason. Love is friendship plus sex and minus reason” – Mason Cooley

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed” ~ C.G. Jung

“Platonic love is like an inactive volcano” – Andre Pevost

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche