9 Signs of a Man’s True Love

9 Signs of a Man’s True Love

What Are The Signs Of True Love For A Man?

How Do You Know Your Man Loves You?

Love leaves clues. So what are the signs your man is truly in love with you? 

It's easy to get swept up into a love fantasy when you first meet a guy, but once that initial high wears off, how do you know he really loves you?

In this post, we'll cover the most reliable signs a guy will give you when he's truly in love with you.

If your guy is showing these signs hold onto him.

If he isn't, well you might want to ask yourself if he's really the one you want to be with.

The choice is yours. You can be with whoever you choose to be with. But don't sell yourself short.

You deserve a great guy who's truly in love with you. But what are the signs of true love for a man?

Here are a few to look out for...

True Love Signs For A Man

1. He Isn’t Afraid To Show His Feelings

A real man who loves you shouldn’t hesitate in showing you how he feels.

Masculine bravado to the side, he doesn’t just say the words “I love you”, he shows you with his actions.

There are different ways a man can show you he loves you;

a) Words

If your man’s preferred love language is verbal, then this will be his default form of communication when it comes to showing his love.

If he seems unaware of the fact that you desire physical intimacy as a way of him expressing his love for you, then you need to communicate that to him.

Don’t expect him to work it out on his own.

b) Gifts

Everyone likes receiving gifts. Some guys think this is how to show their love.

A sweet concept, but if that’s the only thing your relationships based on after a while it starts getting tired.

c) Nice Gestures

Kindness is a beautiful character trait. If a man goes out of his way to do nice things for you then obviously he considers you special.

What some guys don’t realise is that too much of this makes him look like a placater or a people pleaser. Not the best look for a man.

d) Physical Intimacy

Human beings are wired for physical intimacy.

Even the smallest touch from someone you’re attracted to can send instant feelings of pleasure through your brain and body. 

If he’s intimate with you, putting his arms around you and giving you soft kisses on your neck, then physical intimacy is probably his preferred love language.

Signs Of A Mans True Love

2. He Gives More Than He Takes 

Relationships are based on contribution and compromise. Some people forget that.

The primary drive of all human behaviour is personal gain.

If your guy is always taking from you (emotionally, physically, and even financially) leaving you feeling empty, is he the right guy for you?

Your man should be a giver and want to fulfil your emotional needs.

Love is adding value to each other’s life. 

3. He Cares About Your Feelings

When you truly love someone you don’t try to intentionally hurt them.

It sounds obvious, but a lot of women I speak with tell me that in arguments or drama’s their men become malicious and insulting.

The women  say they feel like he’s intentionally trying to hurt them.

If a man truly loves you he might disagree with you, he might even walk away for a while until things calm down, but he shouldn’t be trying to intentionally hurt you.

That’s not something you do to someone you love.

Being considerate of your feelings is one of the main signs of love for a man.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

4. He Wants To Be a Better Man

There’s something about a man who’s determined to be his best self and live his best life.

Women find this irresistible because it shows drive and ambition.

It’s all too common that when a guy first meets a woman he seems amazing, but over time starts to reveal a side of his personality you didn’t see at first. 

Guys can talk a good game when you first meet them and you don’t know much about them.

But a person’s true character can’t be hidden forever. 

If your man shows no ambition to improve himself or his life, what does that say about him?

More importantly, what does it say about you that you would choose to be with someone like that?

When a man loves you (and respects himself) he wants to be the best man he can possibly be.

He’ll make an extra effort to look good, smell good, and be an overall winner.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

5. He Values Your Thoughts And Opinions

It’s been said before that when a man values you, he’ll value your thoughts and opinions.

Some couples don’t value each other's views.

They  struggle to be happy because of a lack of understanding of each other and a disregard for the other person's opinions and ideas. 

When a man loves and respects you he wants to hear your take on things.

He’ll bounce ideas off you and ask for your opinion. 

A man who loves you will value what you have to say, and after considering your point of view, he won’t hesitate to change his own view and replace it with a new one. 

He has no need to be arrogant or egotistical.

If he’s wrong he’ll be the first to admit it because he wants to learn and become better. 

When he loves you he values your thoughts, views, and opinions.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

6. He’s Wants to Protect You

When a man loves you his desire to protect you will increase.

Protecting you doesn’t only mean in the physical sense, though he’ll do that too. 

His wanting to protect you also extends to any emotional pain you might experience. 

He loves you and he wants you to be safe.

Some men can take it too far and be overprotective. When this happens you feel smothered and controlled. 

But when a man loves you his default frame will be to protect you and shield you from any potential dangers.

7. He’s Proud You’re His Woman

When a man is in love with you and thinks you’re an amazing woman he’ll want to show you off to the world.

In his mind, often unconsciously, he wants to show the world he has you because it makes him look good by increasing his own social value. 

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to have a beautiful woman on his arm?

Even better, out of all the offers she receives she chose HIM!

If he’s hiding you or avoiding being seen with you that’s usually a red flag that somethings not right, despite what he’s telling you. Be wary.

A man who loves you will be proud to be seen with you and will make a concerted effort to include you in as many facets of his life as he can.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

8. He Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

A man who loves you believes in you.

When you do something great he’s genuinely happy for you. 

When you doubt yourself he reminds you how amazing you are, and that you can overcome anything life throws at you.  

He sees your true potential, even when you don’t. 

That's a real sign of love from a man. He respects and values you for who you are.

Having this influence in your life lifts you up and you start thinking “He’s right, I am amazing, I can do better and I will overcome this”.

A man of value will keep his calm when there’s chaos going on around him.

When you find a guy like this you should hold onto him.

Signs Of True Love From A Man

9. He’s Loyal and Trustworthy

A man will show how he feels about you through his repeated actions and behaviors.

If you’re out together and there are attractive women around he’s proven time and again that you’re the one he has eyes for.

He’s non-reactionary and indifferent to other women.

He’s loyal to you through thick and thin, even when it’s at a disadvantage to himself.

You know when he says something he means it, and when he says he’ll do something that it will be done. 

He doesn’t mess you around and he’s all in on loving you and being your man.

If you can honestly say that your man is trustworthy, loyal and reliable, you have a good man.

Now it’s up to you to treat this wonderful man with the love and respect he deserves. Enjoy!

Signs Of True Love From A Man

Quotes About Signs of True Love From a Man

“True love stories never have endings.” – Richard Bach

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.” – Mandy Hale

“True love bears all, endures all and triumphs!” – Dada Vaswani

“Genuine love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.” – Sadhu Vaswani

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.” – Erich Segal

“True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.” – Honore de Balzac