Are You a Sigma Male? Here’s How to Know

Are You a Sigma Male? Here's How to Know

Sigma Male

What Are the 5 Male Personality Types?

Are you wondering what 'type' of guy you're with? 

Or if you're a guy are you curious to know what 'type' of guy you are?

You're in the right place.

Let's talk about sigma males. Who are they? What are they?

There are six male personality types;






A man doesn’t have to stay in one category his entire life. 

Men who are now in the higher personality types started in the lower ones. 

These personality types highlight differences in mindset and lifestyle. 

Here are the main categories for male personalities;

1. Alpha

Alpha males are perceived as the leaders of the pack.

Their profile is confident, forthright, and outgoing. 

In ancient times, Alpha males were the leaders of the tribe.

Females would be most attracted to them because their chances of survival (for themselves and their offspring) increased if they had an Alpha male looking out for them.

Alpha males have an embedded belief that they can have what they want, which usually becomes self-fulfilling. 

This belief at times can come off cocky or smug, but most of the time they're men who know what they want and are willing to take action to get it.

That in itself is an admirable, and all too rare, quality in men.

2. Beta

Beta males are the average nice guy we all know. Beta males are harmless, moderate, and often timid and conservative. 

They rarely if ever show alpha traits (assuming leadership, standing up for themselves, taking what they want in life).

Beta guys are for the most part ‘likeable’, but they often have a mild or indrawn personality, which leaves them prone to being taken advantage of by assertive or manipulative women.

3. Delta

Delta males are guys who are down and out in their life, existing but not living, in a state of suffering. 

Alpha and beta males suffer too, everyone does, but the difference is that Delta males take on a defeatist mindset, accept their lot, and don't take steps to improve themselves. 

An alpha man, for example, would use his pain and suffering as motivation to change his life for the better.

His psyche wouldn’t allow him to stay in a state of helplessness, and he wouldn't remain there long.

But the Delta male is shaken. He may have once been a man with the world at his feet, but now, through a series of unfortunate events has found himself at ground zero.

This is a tough place for anyone to be, but the lack of initiative to turn his life around repels males and females who in the same position would try to improve their circumstances.

Delta males are incapable of attracting high-quality females.

The women they end up with are usually, unfortunately, just as damaged as they are.

4. Omega

The Omega male has a nerdy/quirky vibe about him. Think gamers and comic book fanatics.

Omegas have an immature streak about them and they don't show a whole lot of ambition to move beyond their current level of an Omega.

Omega males are usually very intelligent with a lot of potential, but they rarely make good use of it.

Later in life, say mid 30’s, Omega males become a burden to the women they’re with.

By nature, they’re lazy, with a lack of drive and their personal standards have declined. 

Picture of the 40-year-old with a dad bod and a shabby tracksuit eating pizza on the couch while his woman runs the family.

Sadly, women who marry and have children with Omega natured men often end up dissatisfied and regret their choice of man.

He displays no masculine leadership and provides zero arousal or sexual pleasure for her, leaving her unfulfilled as a woman.

5. Sigma

Then you have the Sigma Male.

Sigma Male

What Is a Sigma Male?

The Sigma male is a more evolved version of the Alpha. Sigma males get things done their own way.

They have little time to follow arbitrary and superficial rules laid down by society when they can do it more efficiently using their own innovation and initiative.

Most entrepreneurs have Sigma traits. They think outside the box of accepted norms. 

Sigma’s don’t need to brag and boast. They have a more “keep it chilled” nature which gives them an aura of mystery that other men and most women find intriguing. 

Don’t mistake their silence for weakness or being shy.

When a situation requires it, the Sigma male can represent himself in a way that makes Alpha guys look like pussy cats.

Calm, confident and stoic, the Sigma guy has a charismatic, positive attitude that people feel drawn to and comfortable to be around.

Sigma Male

10 Traits of Sigma Males

1. He Does His Own Thing

Sigma males are non-conformist by nature.

They don’t try to stand out or get noticed, which is why they do. 

These guys know who they are and they’re comfortable with themselves.

They’re not interested in self-promotion or seeking validation.

Sigma males go about their business with a sense of mission and purpose, and don't concern themselves with trivial things going on around them.

Sigma guys just do their own thing.

2. He Doesn't Make a Big Deal About Things

Sigma’s keep it on the down-low.

They don’t need to broadcast their opinions or convince anyone they’re right. 

They have beliefs and principles that work for them, and they’re always open to change as they go through life. 

His criteria for any decision is “does this make me a better man and improve my life?”. 

He’s quietly confident and when he does speak, people listen because he knows what he’s talking about.

3. He's Humble 

Sigmas are a more refined version of traditional Alpha’s.

They don’t need to chest thump.

They know that if a man needs to tell people how great he is then he's not yet a man. 

The Sigma male knows that everything he needs is already inside him.

You can sense his confidence and masculinity by his presence.

He’s not as overt as your typical Alpha male.

Sigma Males

4. He's Not NeedyAround Women

Women are attracted to men with goals and purpose who are actively pursuing them. This is the Sigma male in a nutshell. 

Sigma males enjoy the company of quality women, but they don’t use women as a self-validation tool.

Most men put women on pedestals and chase them like puppy dogs to get sex.

The Sigma males focus is being the best man he can be.

He stays on his purpose and lets a quality woman come to him.  

“It’s simple,” he says, “I see a woman I’m attracted to and I say hello. If there’s a connection I’ll take it further, if not I get on with my life and never give it another thought”.

This attitude and self-assuredness make him even more attractive to women.

5. He Values Independence and Freedom

Due to the non-conformist nature of the Sigma male, he'll work for himself, or have a goal to work for himself and be actively working towards that goal.

He values his independence and freedom and finds it difficult to be constrained by a “job” and a “boss” and the social norms and political correctness that goes along with it. 

The idea of asking for time off to travel and leaving that decision in someone else hands makes the Sigma male smile and shake his head.

6. He's Comfortable in Any Environment

The Sigma male is inherently comfortable in his own skin.

When he’s in a new environment he doesn’t concern himself with “do they like me?” or feel nervous or inferior as a result.

He knows he’s a high-value man.

Of course, He wouldn't say that or try to convince anyone of it, he doesn't need to. He knows it. 

His posture, the way he speaks, and how he presents himself all convey the message.

He likes meeting new people from different backgrounds and tries to learn something from all of them.

Sigma Males

7. He Has Presence and Charisma

The Sigma male carries himself with self-respect and dignity.

He can stand alone in a room full of people and feel totally at ease. His general vibe is relaxed and confident. 

He has a genuine charisma that people can sense that allows him to connect with them.

Sigmas have consistency of presence and never feel the need to change who they are to suit the occasion.

8. He Doesn't Blindly Follow the Crowd

The Sigma male knows that most people in the first world are driven by consumerism, instant gratification, and social validation. 

The Sigma male is no recluse. He goes out into the world and thrives.

But he chooses not to buy into mass social consciousness or to participate in the foolishness of crowds.

9. He Has Above Average Intelligence

Sigmas are by default intelligent men. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be Sigmas. 

Intelligence in this sense doesn’t only mean academic intelligence, though they have that too. 

A fully formed Sigma male is also emotionally intelligent (doesn't fall victim to erratic emotional swings), and socially intelligent (communication, expanded awareness, seeing behind the facade).

Sigma Males

10. He Can Be a Lone Wolf

All the previous traits culminate in the Sigma’s biggest advantage over other men; the ability to be the lone wolf. 

He doesn’t need anyone to tell him who he is. Women are a source of pleasure, but he doesn’t need one to feel good about himself. 

He gets on well with similar-minded men and is a loyal friend, but he doesn’t need a peer group around him to feel confident.

There's no need for him to be part of a tribe to feel like he’s a valued man.  

The Sigma male can spend time alone.

In fact, he seeks it out because that’s when he’s most productive and can focus solely on his goals and purpose.

The Sigma male is not a perfect man. No man is. He acknowledges this and he's on a never-ending journey to be the best man he can be. 

Sigma's don't talk about it or need encouragement from anyone.

They just get on with it. Choosing to live as a high-quality man living an above-average life, all on their terms. 

That’s the Sigma male.

Quotes about Sigma Males

“Be a good person, but don’t waste time proving it” - Eben Britton

Boys want attention, men want respect, but legends just don’t care” - Errol Flynn

“Nobody is coming to save you. This life is 100% your responsibility” - Jordan Peterson

“Marry your goals, remain committed to your success, be loyal to your dreams. It’s ok to choose yourself” - Rollo Tomassi

“There is no woman on earth who is texting one guy” - Owen Cook

“Create your own happiness” - Buddha