160 Heart-Warming Positive Affirmations for Relationships

160 Heart-Warming Positive Affirmations for Relationships

Azula Castaneda, M.PsychTh.

Positive Affirmations For Relationships

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Affirmations are statements you repeat to yourself that, over time, embed themselves in your mind as fact and lead to positive improvements in your life.

We often hear the same old narrative about the power of affirmations. But in my experience, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to affirmations.

Before implementing an effective affirmation strategy, it takes trial and error to find how you best respond to affirmations.

For example, some people find repeating their affirmations first thing in the morning is the best for them.

Others say before bed is the ideal time, while others still say repeating affirmations constantly throughout the day is the way to go.

As with most things in life, find what feels right and works best for you and do that.

Positive Affirmations For Relationships

How Do Affirmations Work?

When your brain accepts a new belief, you begin to adjust your thoughts and behaviors to align with your new belief.

Repeating affirmations is like planting seeds. 

They won’t make all your dreams come true overnight, but they do lay the foundations for a newer, more empowering belief system you can adopt to produce far superior results in your life.

Every time you repeat an affirmation, you’re firing neurons in your brain that frame how you think.

The more you fire those neurons, the stronger they become.

There’s a tipping point that occurs with affirmations, where they evolve from affirmations to fully installed, accepted beliefs by which you live your life.

Positive Affirmations For Relationships

160 Affirmations for Relationships and Love

I am continually strengthening the love that I share with my partner.

I am true to myself when I’m in a relationship.

I express my needs effectively to my partner.

I have deep-felt respect for my partner.

I can draw healthy boundaries when I need to.

I love my partner deeply.

I spend time thinking about how I can help my partner succeed.

I make time to think about the wants and needs of my partner.

I can take time and make space for myself when needed.

I consider my partner when I make decisions.

 I find love everywhere I go.

I deserve to be loved.

I love myself to the fullest.

I am a love magnet

I deserve a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Love is all around me, and it’s everywhere I go.

My partner and I are in love and committed.

The love between my partner and me grows stronger every day.

Everywhere I go, I receive love everywhere.

My partner and I are deeply and happily in love.

My partner loves me more every day that goes by.

I am surrounded by love.

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I radiate love and respect everywhere I go.

I have the best partner in the world.

The power of love is inside me.

I attract good, loving, kind people into my life.

I remove the internal blockage that prevents me from receiving love.

I welcome love with open arms.

I’m happy and grateful for having loving people in my life.

I appreciate all that I have.

I give my relationship the attention it deserves

My partner and I give physical contact to each other daily

My partner and I are loyal to one another.

My partner and I have fun all the time.

My partner and I support each other unconditionally.

My partner sees me as everything they have been looking for.

My partner and I feel comfortable and safe with each other.

My partner and I laugh every day.

I feel good being intimate with my partner.

My partner is crazy in love with me, and I’m crazy in love with them.

Our love is stronger than any argument or fight.  

Love always wins 

I am ready and open to receiving love and blessings.

I welcome love with an open heart.

I am whole within myself.

I love myself first.

I’m good and beautiful enough the way I am.

I am a lovable person.

I am happy to be myself in the relationship.

I go through life with the help of my loved ones.

I now choose to love and approve of myself.

I am now ready to accept a happy, fulfilling relationship.

My partner and I have a perfect romantic relationship.

Romance and sensuality are natural in my relationship.

I easily express my romantic feelings.

Love surrounds me, and I completely open my heart to receiving love.

My loving nature attracts love like a magnet.

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My partner and I love each other purely and unconditionally.

My relationship is joyful and fun.

All my relationships are loving and harmonious.

I release any desperation and allow love to find me.

I give my heart, ready to receive the heart of another.

I am loved more than I ever thought possible.

I am open to receiving genuine love.

I am making room in my life for a fantastic partner. 

The Universe is bringing my soulmate to me.

My partner shows deep, passionate love towards me.

I am in a beautiful relationship with someone who treats me well.

I deserve love and affection.

I am attracting the perfect person for me.

I love who I am, and so does my partner.

I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.

I deserve to be happy in my relationship.

I am overwhelmed with love.

I love myself.

I am open to love.

I am surrounded by love.

I trust the Universe to bring my true love to me.

I am in the healthiest relationship of my life.

I allow the Universe to help me find love.

I am swept up in romance.

I deserve mind-blowing passion in my relationship.

The Universe is bringing me romance and passion.

I only attract healthy relationships.

I am happy to give and receive love every day!

I find love everywhere I go.

I am in a relationship with someone I respect who also respects me.

I am open to a healthy, loving relationship that is right for me.

Love starts with me.

I am love and light.

Positive Affirmations For Relationships

I naturally find love everywhere.

I am terrifically charismatic.

I am lovable.

The more I love a person, the more they love me.

My relationships are always fulfilling.

I am grateful for the love in my life.

Sharing love comes easily to me.

I am attracting real connections.

My heart is prepared to receive love.

I connect with others easily.

The Universe wants the most fulfilling, incredible love for me.

I feel closer to my partner every day.

I will help my relationship improve every single day.

I will continue to respect and care for my partner each day.

I will communicate clearly with my partner.

I am consistently strengthening and deepening the connection that I share with my love.

I communicate my needs to my partner.

I will be a fantastic spouse.

I will be honest and open with my partner about our relationship.

I will continue to foster a healthy relationship.

I am feeling the love between my partner and me grow each day.

I find it easy to be respectful when communicating how I feel.

I feel loved and cherished.

All efforts put into building a happy relationship are worth it.

My average day consists of having happy, healthy relationships.

I will continue to do everything I can do to ensure I nurture my relationship.

I take my partner’s feelings seriously.

I find it extremely important that I have healthy relationships in my life.

I find it easy to draw healthy boundaries.

I am deserving of a happy, healthy relationship.

I am naturally good at having honest and open communication.

 All of my relationships are long-term and offer a positive, loving experience.

I am worthy of love in abundance.

I love myself, and others reflect that love.

I attract loving and caring people into my life.

 My partner and I are both happy and in love. 

My relationship is joyous.

I am thankful for the love in my life, and I am grateful for my caring partner.

I only attract healthy, loving relationships.

I am with the love of my life. We both treat each other with respect.

I happily give and receive love each day.

I am so thankful for my partner and how caring they are.

Each day I am so grateful for how loved I am

I know and trust that the Universe will only bring me loyal, supporting, and loving relationships.

I open my heart to love and know that I deserve it.

Wherever I go, and whoever I am with, I find love.

I deserve to receive the love I get, and I open myself to the love the Universe gives me.

I am open to marriage and attracting my future spouse.

My love (and/or marriage) grows stronger every day.

I am capable and deserving of a long-lasting relationship.

My relationship will be open, honest, and full of abundance.

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Love surrounds me and everyone around me.

I am attracting my dream future.

I am confident, self-assured, and full of charisma.

My partner is a reflection of me.

I will never give up on finding true love.

I exhale negativity and inhale happiness.

Today I will continue to create the foundation of a happy and loving relationship.

I love my soulmate, and I love myself.

A happy partnership is supportive, balanced, and affectionate.

I am manifesting my dream partner.

My relationships are always fulfilling.

I love being in a relationship.

Happiness begins with me and me alone. 

I have the power to create my happiness.

I let go of my past relationships and look to the future.

I only think positively about love.

I am a great catch!

I deserve happiness, love, and abundance.

People love me because I love myself.

Positive Affirmations For Relationships

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Best Quotes About Love and Relationships

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours” – Wayne Dyer

“Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it or change it” – Chuck Palahniuk

“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity” – Barbara De Angelis

“I am convinced that material things can contribute a lot to making one’s life pleasant, but, basically, if you do not have very good friends and relatives who matter to you, life will be really empty and sad, and material things cease to be important” – David Rockefeller

“Be honest, brutally honest. That is what’s going to maintain relationships” – Lauryn Hill