Relationship Advice You Need to Know

Relationship Advice You Need to Know

Never Been In A Relationship

You and Your Relationships

We all experience different relationships throughout our lives.

Our relationships begin, evolve, and then unfortunately (or fortunately), they dissolve.

It's not uncommon for some people, for whatever reason, to have never been in a relationship

It's a lot more common than you think.

It's also common for people in relationships to reconsider if their companion is really 'the one' for them.

Then some are in a harmonious relationship with the person they love and want to be with.

Quality relationships are an essential ingredient for a healthy, fulfilling life.

But how do we find a quality relationship? 

And once we've found one, how do we manage it and turn it into something special?

Whatever your relationship status, keep reading - This post is for you!

Never Been In A Relationship

Living on Your Own Terms First

A relationship is a lifestyle choice.

Take some time to explore what it is you want out of life.

Build a good relationship with yourself first.

If you're not in harmony with yourself, how can you share it with anyone else? 

Do what makes sense for YOU.

When your happiness comes from within, and you don't need a relationship to feel validated, you'll find an abundance of potential matches appear.

Never Been In A Relationship

Challenges in Relationships

Different Values

If you and your partner are at odds about the important things in life, it can be hard to find common ground. 

One of you might value family time while the other cares more about their career, or one wants children, and the other doesn't.

Over time, value mismatches like these can cause your relationship to break down.

When two people together have conflicting values, it can become a red flag which if unresolved can destroy your relationship.

Different Expectations

We all have expectations for what we want in our relationships.

No relationship is perfect, but it can be frustrating if our expectations aren't being satisfied.

That's why it's essential to communicate your needs and expectations with each other from the start.

When we don't meet each others expectations, resentment can start to build. 

Conflicting expectations lead to relationship disaster.

If you harbor resentment towards someone you love, that resentment grows until the relationship starts to fall apart.

The key to avoiding this is;

a) Communicate your expectations to each other and,

b) Realize when your expectations are misaligned so you can sort it out quickly before it becomes a problem.  

Never Had A Relationship

Less Personal Space and Time

As human beings, there are specific things we need to be happy.

Good relationships are one of those things, but they're not the only thing. 

If you don't have enough time for yourself in your own personal space, your relationship suffers.

When you're struggling to find your own time or space, it's easy to take your frustrations out on the people closest to you.

You start to resent your life, your relationship, and your partner.

The paradox is that when you have time apart, you become more appreciative of your time together.

You Risk Being Heartbroken

Everything carries a degree of risk. Relationships are no different. 

You have to be willing to take a chance and understand that it might not work out.

We always hear the words 'follow your heart.'

But what if your heart is leading you into a relationship with a person who could break it? 

If the risk of having your feelings crushed is something that scares you, maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship right now.

If you decide you want one, don't invest too much emotionally, too soon.

Let things develop. Take your time.

Then reassess and decide if you want more.

Never Been In A Relationship

Rewards in Relationships

Life Partnership

Life partnership is the ultimate goal of two people who love and care for each other.

They share unconditional love and support as they grow old together. 

In a life partnership, you give and receive the gift of love and commitment, and it can be the most rewarding experience you'll ever have.

Your life partner will be with you through all of your ups and downs, highs and lows, good days and bad days.

When you have a relationship like this cherish and be grateful for it everyday.

Intimate Love Based Sex

Sex is something that can fade away after being with someone for a long time.  

It's no secret. 

When people first get together they're highly sexualbut as time goes on it falls on their list of priorities.

When one or both partners don't enjoy sex anymore, they start drifting away from each other.

Physical intimacy is essential for a bond between two people in a relationship to stay strong.

Without sex, you don't have a relationship you have a friendship.

Couples who have regular sex are more likely to feel connected and fulfilled than couples who don't have sex anymore.

Never Been In A Relationship

Encouraging Each Other

You can't always go it alone.

We all need encouragement and support, especially from the people we love.

We encourage each other by being supportive and understanding when life gets complicated, for our partners or us. 

If you have someone by your side, encouraging you every step of the way, you feel like you can do anything.

It's wondrous how a few words of encouragement can make all the difference to someone who's suffering.

Encouraging each other adds strength and solidarity to your relationships.

Shared Life Experience

It's an incredible experience to share great moments with the people we love.

The most solid relationships are those where people have shared the highs and lows of life.

When you share experiences your bond gets stronger and you feel more connected.

It reinforces the positive emotions you feel for each other. 

Never Been In A Relationship

Things to Remember

  • It's not uncommon for people to never have been in a relationship. In fact, it's quite normal.
  • A life partnership can be seen as a way to give and receive the gift of happiness.
  • If you're not in a relationship, take some time to explore what it is that you want out of life and find yourself first. 
  • In a healthy relationship, we support and encourage each other when life becomes difficult. 

Best Quotes About Relationships

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love" - Bryant H. McGill

"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you" - Walter Winchell

"We don't develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity" - Barbara De Angelis

"A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them - they're who they've been throughout your whole relationship" - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things" - Keanu Reeves