7 Ways How to Fail in Life

7 Ways How You Fail in Life

7 Signs You Don’t Have A Meaningful Life Purpose4

1. You’re Focused on Lack

Feeling unfulfilled is a sign from your inner self that you don't have a meaningful purpose in life. 

You might have had one, but for some reason, you've drifted off the tracks. 

Use that to refocus and get back to finding your purpose.

Whenever you feel empty or unfulfilled immediately ask yourself;

a) What’s my purpose? 

b) Am I on my purpose or have I drifted away from it?

c) What can I do today to get back on track and start moving towards my purpose again?

2. You Have No Clear Goals

Personal goals are the lifeblood of your success. Without them, you’ll drift like a leaf on the ocean, going where the tide takes you. 

There’s nothing wrong with being flexible and moving with the flow, in fact, that’s what you should be doing.

You need to have a purpose and aim so that you can recognise what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

When you have a meaningful goal and a burning desire to have that goal manifest in your life, all your thoughts and actions should align with it. 

Humans are designed to derive personal pleasure from making measurable progress towards a worthwhile aim. 

The term "success" is largely illusory.

When you reach a point you once thought was a success, you already have a bigger, grander vision of what you think success is. 

Meaningful Life Purpose

3. You Abuse T.V and Social Media

Think about the people you consider to be enormously successful in any area. 

These are the people who are crushing it in life and each and every day are out there getting it done, whatever “it” is for them.

Do you think they’re spending their time scrolling through their news feed posts or binge-watching Netflix series?  

If you want to live a meaningful life, living each day as your best self, sculpting your best life, you need to keep your eyes on the prize. 

It’s easy to overlook the importance of short term consequences. “I’ll just take today off and do it tomorrow” is the motto of a loser. 

If you find yourself using externalities to distract you from your boredom or dissatisfaction, it means you’re lacking a worthwhile purpose and the goals that go along with it. 

It’s time to refocus on what REALLY matters to you in finding long term happiness and success. 

When you have an intention and an objective that overrides the natural desire for leisure and ease, you know you’ve found your true purpose.

7 Signs You Don’t Have A Meaningful Life Purpose4

4. You Have Low or Negative Energy

Energy is the fuel of life. Without it, you won’t get far. When you have it you can do virtually anything you set your mind to. 

There are a few things that can be the cause of low energy;

a) Lifestyle

If you live a lazy lifestyle over time it becomes your default mode. 

Likewise, when you get yourself in shape your body adjusts and that becomes your energetic base line.

After a while you feel great most of the time without much effort.

When you have a worthy goal to aim for you’ll feel a naturally energy boost to pursue it. 

b) What You Put Into Your Body

If you’re putting junk food, nicotine, and drugs and alcohol into your system how do you expect to live your best life?

You don’t have to live on broccoli and water, but you need to be mindful of what you consume.

You wouldn't put cooking oil into your Ferrari and expect it the engine to run. The same goes for your mind and body. 

c) Low Personal Standards

What do you hold yourself accountable for? Think about your life right now.

What standards are you showing based on your RESULTS, not your words? Do your standards say it’s ok to spend the day on the couch watching garbage on t.v? 

That it’s acceptable to be an educated adult living in a free market economy and be broke and in debt? That it’s ok to be unhealthy and inactive, to not read books or try to better yourself in any way?

Where you are in life, positive or negative, in life is a direct reflection of your personal standards.

They’re so ingrained into your subconscious personality you don’t even realise these standards control your life.

Most people just accept them and live far below where they could be. But you’re not most people. 

If your energies are low and you’re living a lazy life ask yourself “at what point in my life did it become acceptable for me to be like this?”.

Meaningful Life Purpose

5. You Have No Hope for Your Future

Hope for a better future has driven the human species since the dawn of time.

From the early settlers migrating all over the planet, the drive to innovate and improve, the pain of enduring setbacks and disasters, all in the hope that our future will be better because of it. 

The same goes for you. If you don’t see your future being any better than your present or your past, you won't have the drive to do today what will make the biggest difference for tomorrow. 

You need a purpose that compels you to take action towards something better. 

It starts in your mind. Envision something that would improve your quality of life.

Something meaningful to you. Something worth going through the discomfort and hard work it will take.

When you have a compelling vision and a meaningful purpose you will ignite something inside you that will take over and start moving you towards where you want to go.

6. You're in a Bad Environment and Peer Group 

If you feel a lack of meaning in your life take a look around at your immediate environment. 

What types of people do you hang out with and where do you spend your time? 

Environment and peer groups are the most overlooked aspect when it comes to personal success and fulfilment. 

Human beings are largely tribal creatures. To be accepted into the tribe, one has to adopt the customs of the tribe.

If your tribe (peer group) have no goals or desire to succeed in life how can you be part of that group and not be vulnerable to accepting that mindset as a way of life?

Purpose, success, whatever you want to call it, is a habit.  

You don’t get healthy by working out one day a week and eating junk food and smoking the rest of the week. 

You don’t become wealthy by reading a “how to get rich” book, but then blowing your money on useless junk charged to your credit card. 

It’s not about what you think or say, it’s about what you do repeatedly, day in and day out. 

Meaningful Life Purpose

7. You Have Low Self Esteem

Do you like yourself? Are you proud of the person you've become?

A surprisingly large percentage of people when asked this, answered "no".

A lot of the dislike we can have for ourselves stems from past experiences and regrets about what we did or didn’t do.

That’s normal, everyone has regrets, so you’re not alone.

But what can override the regret we have from our past is the way we choose to live in the present and the future. 

Regardless of your past, if you’re living with purpose and intent, taking action and being productive you’ll undoubtedly have higher levels of self-respect. 

You can’t erase the past, but you can design the future.

The people who shout “you create your reality” are idiots. 

Reality is largely objective. Stuff happens that’s out of our control.

Spend time in a children’s cancer ward and look at the faces of parents whose children are there and tell me we create our own reality.

What happens, happens, and most of the time you have no control over it. Bad things happen to good people, and vice versa.

But you’re not powerless. You don’t create your reality but you can influence your reality by how you choose to respond to what happens and the actions you choose to take throughout your life.

What type of person would you be proud to be? How does that person live their life, what habits do they have? 

Keep that vision in your mind and start adopting the thoughts and habits of that person, and you will become that person.

Living with a meaningful life purpose opens the window to a new reality. Things start to make sense, success appears, and your wellbeing and quality of life rise.

Now it's up to you. What's your meaningful life purpose?

Best Quotes About Failure and Purpose

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” ―Winston S. Churchill

“The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn’t matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark.” ―Barbara Hall

“People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.” ―Dalai Lama

“The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, or gives you a sense of meaning, joy, or passion.” ―Terry Orlick