How to Win at Life and Be Your Best

How to Win at Life and Be Your Best

How To Win At Life (Be Your Best In 2020)

Are You Winning the Game of Life?

If you want to be successful you need a winning mindset. 

How you think and the meaning you give to events going on around you will make you or break you.

Who you are is a result of how you think.

As you progress through life your priorities will change.

New goals will become more important than others. 

You will need to adopt an empowering mindset to keep your momentum.

How you think will change over time and you need to ensure it's changing in a way that helps you rather than hinders you.

Knowing how to change your mindset to a winners mentality can help you overcome any hurdles that come up.

A powerful mindset backed by the right actions in pursuit of a worthy goal.

These are the foundations of personal meaning and fulfilment.

The Psychology of Winning

The biggest impediment to your personal success is your mind.

Having a winning Psychology means you think in a way that supports you living the life you want to live.

Thinking in alignment with the person you want to be.

Cultivating a winner’s mentality is a personal journey. 

While you're sculpting and refining yourself, keep it to yourself. 

Your mindset reflects how you evaluate what happens around you.

It determines the meaning you give to events and how you allow them to effect you.

With the right mindset you have a higher probability of accomplishing your objectives.

How To Win At Life

When you see the world through the lens of a winner’s mindset your entire life experience changes.

Problems become opportunities. Your inner strength and self confidence come to the forefront.

You no longer take failure and rejection so personally.

You feel good about yourself regardless of what else is going on around you.

How To Win At Life (Be Your Best In 2020)

Success and Failure Think Differently

To understanding a winning mindset you need to be aware of its opposite. The defeatist mindset. 

There are stark differences between the two;

Certainty vs Doubt.

People with a winning mindset are willing to back themselves with their self confidence.

Whatever their current situation or challenge, they can handle it.

The defeatist doubts themselves and procrastinates. They justify their own lack of action with excuses.

They will tell you why things won't work out, and how its probably best to not to even try.

Action vs Non-Action

Having a winning mindset is synonymous with taking action. Action is the priority. 

The defeatist procrastinates and puts things off.

They will attribute the delay to forces outside of themselves.

If this way of thinking becomes a habit, you will pay the price of lost time and lost opportunity.

The bad news is that once you lose time and opportunities they’re gone.

A Winning Outlook on Life

With a winning mindset you see the world as a friendly place. You're not naively optimistic.

You know evil exists and bad stuff can happen, but you don't excessively focus on it.

You choose to believe that opportunities exist and people are generally good.

The defeatist mindset see’s the world as a hostile place.

A person who thinks like this doesn't like themselves very much. 

They carry bad memories of past failures or experiences with them in the present.

Their outlook carries a tone of pessimism. 

People aren't robots. You might sway between these two mindsets at different times in your life.

It's unrealistic to expect yourself to be faultlessly optimistic at all times.

What is your default mindset that you are in mot of the time?

How To Win At Life

Do You Have a Winners Mindset? 

Your mindset is often reflected in the results you’re currently producing in your life.

This is confronting. People don’t like to see their faults.

Your brain is almost hardwired against it.

It’s easier to push your faults and inconsistencies back into the back of your mind than to deal with them.

People go for what's easy. It's easier to live on autopilot.

It's easier to act as if everything’s fine. But 'easy' doesn't last long. 

If there's a problem you're ignoring it will always come back to revisit you.

The longer you suppress what you should sort out, the bigger and heavier it becomes.

A better strategy is for you to face the monster while it’s little.

Sorting it out now. Make incremental improvements over time instead of trying to deal with it all in one hit.

Having a winner’s mindset doesn’t mean you won't ever experience doubt or uncertainty.

You will. But your response will be proactive and effective. 

This is the winners mentality.

Changing Your Mindset

Developing a Winners Mindset

1. Is Change Possible? 

Is it possible to change your mindset?

The answer is absolutely yes.

The field of Neuro-science discusses the process of neuro-plasticity.

The brains ability to reconfigure itself to adapt to new information and environments.

A lot of the  self-help content out there misrepresents this phenomenon.

They promote the process of changing your mindset as an instant fix. 

You only need to "want it badly enough".

The truth of this process is that changing your mindset is a longer more subtle process.

It takes place beneath your conscious awareness.

You often won't realise your mindset has changed until you look back at who you used to be (how you used to think) and say to yourself “who was that person?”.

How To Win At Life (Be Your Best In 2020)

2. Winners Have Self-Confidence

Winners are confident in their own ability and willingly put themselves in new environments and situations.

They might feel nervous beforehand, but they know they will ultimately benefit from the experience so they override their fear and do it anyway.

3. Winners Think for Themselves

People with a winning mindset and a success psychology don’t blindly accept what they’re told by society is true and right.

They question traditional mainstream concepts and ideas.

They think critically before they take a solid stance and a viewpoint on a topic.

4. Winners See a Positive Future

Taking action is a clear sign of a winning mentality. 

Being proactive towards the attainment of an objective speaks volumes about your underlying psychology. 

The same goes for doubt and procrastination.

A lot can be told about your personal paradigm by what you do when it's time to take action.

Winners Are More Fun to Be Around

A winning mindset is infectious. 

People who think well are fun to be around.

Being around these people inherently causes you to want to aim a little higher in your own life.

Winners Value Their Own Well-Being 

People who have a winning attitude realise that they are the key to their success.

People with the winning mindset put themselves as the top priority to make sure their own needs are being met.

They go to the gym, focus on their goals, and do things that make them feel good.

That can be spending time with your family, travelling to new places, or working hard on a project you feel passionate about.

Your mindset reflects itself in every area of your life. 

Your thinking creates your reality.

If you think optimistically you will live a very different life than if you think pessimistically. 

Better health, better connection with people, and a feeling of meaning and purpose. 

They all come from a winning mindset.

Winning Mindset Change Your Mindset Mastering Your Mindset

The First Step

The first step in changing your mindset is to know where you're starting from. 

Compare this to where you want to be.

You can then start moving from your current location to your future destination.

As you start to move you won't notice much change. Be patient and keep moving in the right direction.

There are many conscious steps you can take towards changing your mindset.

Read books and content that challenge your current thinking. Expose yourself to new ideas.

When you begin to think in new ways your mind and your world starts to shift.

Winning Mindset Mastering Your Mindset Winning Mentality

Keep Your Goals in Your Mind

Any lasting change you make requires ongoing conditioning.

You don’t go to the gym one day, do a few bicep curls and have beautiful toned arms for the rest of your life.

Having a winning mindset requires ongoing work.

This means a long-term consistent application of doing the right things.

There is no short cut to excellence.

Think about what a winning mentality means to you.

What will your life will be like when you are living each day from this place?

Keep that image of yourself in your mind.

Start applying simple daily actions towards what you want.

Changing your mindset isn't a complicated process.

It's a result of applying yourself daily. Until it's a habit.

Until you lo longer have to even think about it. 

That's what will transform your mindset and your life.

The choice is yours. What are you waiting for?

Best Quotes About Winning in Life

“Success sits on a mountain of mistakes” Bangambiki Habyarimana

“The secret of winning any prize is knowing that your own treasure and potential is equal to it... and worthy of it.”
Rasheed Ogunlaru

"Excellence is a habit" - Aristotle

“A winner never stops trying.” —Tom Landry

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before.” —Bonnie Blair

How To Win At Life