6 Ways How to Tell a Guy You Like Him

6 Ways How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Should You Tell Him You Like Him?

Women are mostly covert when signalling attraction to men.

And guys, being guys, often don’t pick up on the signals.

It’s expected for the man to make the first move and approach.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Depending on your personality and the situation, if you like a guy you should make it clear to him you’re interested.

Most men are so afraid of rejection, that if a woman makes the first move they love it, and once they know they'll take it from there.

So you have nothing to fear by letting him know.

The window of opportunity doesn’t stay open for long. 

If you wait too long or chicken out, you might miss out on something special.

Keep it Natural, Don’t Make it Awkward

It doesn’t have to be awkward.

If you follow this advice you’ll be able to convey how you feel in a way that doesn’t make either of you feel awkward.

Delaying telling someone how you feel is what makes things awkward.

Imagine a guy that finds you attractive but isn’t confident enough to say hi. 

He hovers around you and keeps looking at you.

You know he’s looking at you and you’re thinking “just come over and say hi already”.

He might be a nice guy, but his hesitation makes the situation awkward.

Even if you weren’t attracted to him, if he approached you and introduced himself in the right way you could at least give him some credit.

The same goes for you. 

Read on and find out how you can tell a guy you like him without making it awkward.

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

How to Know if He’s Interested

When a guy likes you it’s pretty obvious. He makes eye contact, smiles, and starts a conversation. 

Even if you’re not getting these signs it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

Maybe he’s shy or he thinks you’re not interested in him.

The only way to know is to go and find out.

There's so many male attraction signals, check them out here 25 powerful signs of male attraction to get more details and explanations. 

6 Ways to Let Him Know You’re Interested

1. Talk to Him

Talking to the guy gives you the opportunity to

a) convey to him that you like him, and

b) get an indication if he feels the same way. 

Start a conversation and ask him a few questions.

Don’t turn it into an all-out interview, Keep it conversational.

As you’re talking give some indications (verbal and non-verbal) that you might like him.

Gauge his response throughout the conversation. 

If he has half a brain he’ll realise that you like him and he’ll ask you for a phone number or a date. 

2. Realise You Have Nothing to Lose

Keep your vibe chilled and casual.

If you don’t get a positive response, say “nice meeting you” and walk away proud.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. 

If you know the guy already it’s all the easier. You’ll know if he’s available and what type of guy he is.

When you’re in conversation invite him out for a casual meet-up or suggest you exchange details. 

There is no downside. If you let him know you like him and he doesn’t reciprocate you’re no further behind from where you began. 

On the upside, if he responds in kind you could be onto a good thing.

3. Drop a Hint and See How He Responds

There’s a lot more to communication than just words.

Body language speaks louder than words ever will.

Give him a nice smile or hold his eyes for a moment too long. 

Put yourself close to him and allow him to talk to you.

You’ll be able to gauge his interest in how he responds to the hints you’re giving him. But don’t be too cryptic about it. 

It’s not rocket science. Show some interest in him and let him know you might like him.

If he bites, great. If he doesn’t it’s his loss, move on to the next one. 

There are a million great guys out there who would love to date you, so there’s no need to be obsessed about any one guy.

4. Complement Him

Everyone likes a compliment.

Giving him one not only opens up the conversation, but it also makes him remember you.

There is a range of different compliments you can give, depending on the situation.

If it’s a work environment you can compliment his shirt or his new haircut.

In a more social setting you can compliment his physique, his smile, or anything you find attractive and worthy of a compliment.

5. Be Upfront and Tell Him

This is the best way to tell a guy you like him.

It’s also the way most (read all) guys would prefer you to let him know.

A lot of guys find female communication signals hard to decipher.

They all say “she should just come out and say it so I know”.

You decide how direct you want to be in what you say, but here are a few ideas;

"Hi I'm (insert name), I saw you here I wanted to come and meet you"

“I was thinking we should hang out sometime”

“Do you want to get a coffee”?

“We should exchange numbers and stay in touch”

“I like your style we should go out sometime”

“I think you’re a cool guy I’d like to get to know you more”

“I have feelings for you and I wanted to let you know”

6. Accept Your Fear of Rejection and Do It Anyway

What’s the absolute worse that can happen if you tell a guy you like him but he rejects the offer? Nothing!

You’ve lived your entire life without this guy in it. You can live the rest of your life without him in it as well.

Rejection doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person and no guy will ever like you.

It simply means that for whatever reason, at that moment in time you guys weren’t compatible. 

Any other time the outcome could have been different. 

What you definitely shouldn’t do is take it personally. It is what it is.

Maybe it’s better things didn’t go any further. You never know a more suitable guy could only be a few days away. 

Don’t overthink it.

The outcome is secondary. What matters is that you did it.

You did your part and let him know you like him.

How he responds has nothing to do with you.

How Do I Tell A Guy I Like Him

The Process: How to Tell Him You Like Him

Start with a smile and “hello”.

When you see him, be friendly and ask him a question or two about himself.

Don’t be overly flirtatious, just be cool.

Give him an opening to keep the interaction going.

Remember that no matter how it goes, there’s no downside to you personally, especially if you don’t even know the guy. 

If the conversation progresses and you’re still interested drop a few hints and see if he responds.

Throw a compliment in and ask him if you guys should exchange details or meet up sometime. 

Keep it natural and casual.

Guys respond better to the casual approach and respect a girl who’s not afraid to make the first move.

If he’s interested that’s great, if not, no problem.

Rejection is nothing to be feared. You should be proud of yourself that you put yourself out there.

Don’t live with the regret of what could have been.

Tell the guy you like him, you never know where it might lead.

I Want To Tell A Guy I Like Him

Quotes About Attraction

"Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect" - Sitara Devi

"We are all attractive in our own ways; it just takes the right person to hold the mirror and convince us of what others already see" - Kaliana Dietrich

"A great personality will always make you more attractive than someone who only has a great face" - Matt May

"Attraction happens when you feel important, valued, appreciated and wanted" - Amy Dickinson