5 Ways How to Put Your Past Behind You

5 Ways How to Put Your Past Behind You

Living In The Past

Are You Living in the Past?

Living in the past is holding on to memories and emotions of what used to be.

Significant events in our past shaped our personalities into who we are today and who we'll become tomorrow.

People living in the past have an emotional or psychological hook to a past event or period of their life.

Some people identify with and reminisce about the good old days, embellishing past memories of glory and success.

Others are so traumatised by past experiences they’re emotionally paralysed and have difficulty moving on with their lives.

How To Stop Living In The Past

Why Can’t We Forget Our Past

When you keep thinking about the past it usually means you have unresolved issues related to an experience or period of your life.

If you don’t deal with your emotional issues they’ll keep coming back into your life until you resolve them. 

We often think about a past experience and play it out in our heads over and over. 

Each time we relive a traumatic time or experience we relive that event in our nervous system. 

You can experience The same event hundreds of times.

If you keep thinking about it and running it through your mind, the more painful it becomes.

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

Stop Worrying About Your Past

You shouldn’t worry about the past because, well, it’s the past.

Back then you were a different person, with different thoughts and reactions. 

If the same thing happened today the outcome of the event would be different.

You can let it burn you again and again or you can look for a lesson or two to make yourself and your life much better.

Worry is giving too much importance to an outcome. Is it really as bad as you think it is?

Could you see it in any other way than how you see it now?

And can you use what happened to improve yourself and to never have that experience again?

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

It’s Time to Let Go

You must let go of the past.

Why? Because until you do you can’t step fully into the future. 

Holding on to the past is like walking around with a ball and chain.

It weighs you down, slows you down, and limits your ability to live at your full potential. 

You have to let go of the past. You’re not that person anymore.

Reinvent yourself and your life to live in the now. 

The first step is to accept what happened and make peace with it.

The second is to let go of the hold that your past has on you.

And finally the third is to move forward into your future with a fresh outlook, free of the past.

You may never forget, but emotionally, you can let go.

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

How to Have Peace With Your Past

Being at peace with your past doesn’t mean you have to accept or like what happened.

Inner peace domes from finding a higher meaning to it all. 

It comes from a commitment to yourself that you won’t let your past experiences hold you back from being truly present to your future.

You can carry anger and frustration from something that happened to you ten years ago.

It might have been unfair, embarrassing, humiliating or downright evil.

But holding on to those emotions will eat you from within. 

Some experiences are so traumatic, it takes time to begin the healing process. 

No one knows what the future holds.

Maybe that event or memory set in cause a chain of events that will, someday, lead you somewhere beautiful.

When you stop associating your present self to your past self and your past experiences inner peace can be found.

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

How to Release Your Past Self

To let go of your past self you need to decide who you want to be now. Think about it.

What characteristics and life circumstances do you want to be living now? 

Who do you want to be?

Creating a new life for yourself is a gradual process.

The impetus to change can come in an instant.

But to fully integrate the newer you into the rest of your life takes discipline, patience and time. 

Start by observing your thoughts.

Are they thoughts of the old you or the person you now wish to be? 

Bombard your mind with information, images, and experiences of the new you.

Discard and ignore all thoughts, habits, and associations of yourself that you no longer wish to be. 

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

5 Ways to Stop Living in the Past

1. Learn and Move On

Every experience carries with it a lesson or distinction that when identified and applied can totally change your life. 

It works like planting a seed.

Your life doesn’t change overnight, but over time as your psyche integrates the learning, it becomes part of your personality. 

Keep the learning, but allow the memory of the past experiences fade.

2. Zero Blame Full Responsibility

Whatever the past experience that happened to you, it’s likely you played a role in bringing it about. 

Obviously, if you were a child you didn’t have much control in the matter.

But as an adult, you need to accept full responsibility. 

Maybe it was another person that created the painful memory for you, but how did you contribute to the outcome?

Stop pointing the finger at others, they did what they did.

You won’t change their actions. But you can change yours.

3. Make a Fresh Start

Your environment holds constant reminders of your past.

When you start fresh in a new place you free yourself of the negative energetic associations of your previous environment. 

If you can manage it, move to a new location, make new friends and start a new life. 

You can never escape yourself. Your memories will go with you.

But you can start to rebuild a new you and a new life

What used to remind you of who you were and what you used to do won’t be in your face anymore. 

You’ll have a chance to gain a new perspective and get on with your life. 

If you can’t move away permanently yet, take an extended trip away.

Go somewhere new and seek out new experiences, places, and people.

4. Live Now, Look Forward

Energy flows to where focus goes. 

If you’re constantly living in the past, energetically that’s where you’ll stay.

When you move your focus to the present and the future you start to shed your past because you’re no longer thinking about it. 

Your mind's ability to forget is a gift. 

Fill your attention with what you do now, and where you want to be tomorrow.

5. Create a Better You

Put all your energy onto becoming a newer and better version of yourself.

Keep the parts of you that you like and get rid of the rest. 

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal improvement.

Form a clear mental picture of who you want to be, do and have and put in place a plan to move you closer to it.

Absorb information from a variety of sources that align you in the direction you want to be going. 

Your habitual thoughts and behaviors are what make you, you.

When you make a few changes to them your results will start to change.

Don’t overburden yourself with looking for evidence of results every day. 

Be the person you need to be.

Don’t think about it or wish for it.

BE it.

How To Stop Living In The Past

Leave the Past Behind and Embrace Your Now

How much longer do you want to live in the past?

How many more times will you relive that experience and the emotions that go along with it?

Take what good you can from from your past.

Even in the mess and the chaos something good can come from it. 

That doesn’t mean to say what happened was good.

But you can take something from it that you can now use to your advantage.

Throughout human history, the most successful and inspirational people have become that way after enduring painful and challenging times. 

Your past doesn’t equal your future - unless you choose to live there.

5 Ways How To Stop Living In The Past

Today is Day One

It’s time to draw a line in the sand. On one side is your past.

Who you were, your accumulated experiences and how you saw and interacted with the world around you. 

On the other side of the line is your future self

Who you want to be, how you want to live and what you want to have in your life.

To start moving forward you need to redefine who you are and what things mean. 

Making new associations within yourself, and with the outside world starts moving you from who you were to who you want to become.

Quotes About Living in the Past

“Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.” – L. Ron Hubbard

“I don’t regret the difficulties I experienced; because they helped me to become the person I am today. I feel the way a warrior must feel after years of training; he doesn’t remember the details of everything he learned, but he knows how to strike when the time is right.” – Paolo Coelho

“The past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.” ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” – Henry David Thoreau

“Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past.” – Tryon Edwards