9 Easy Ways How to Live Your Dream Life

9 Easy Ways How to Live Your Dream Life

How To Live The Life You've Imagined.

Living Your Dream Life

What if I told you within a few years you could be living the type of life you’ve always imagined? 

How would you spend your time and how hard would you be willing to work for it?

Dream life doesn’t mean perfect life.

You'll never have no problems, or bad days, or feel happy all the time. 

If you do the right things today though, you can live your best life tomorrow. 

But no-ones going to do it for you. It's up to you to make it work.

That's the deal. 

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Why Is It Important to Have a Dream in Life?

Achieving your goal is great, but what changes your life is who you become along the way.

Here's a few reasons why you should have a dream and be working towards it;

1. Increased Motivation and Energy

Purpose makes power.

Your dreams awaken a force inside you that drives you to move beyond your current circumstances.

What used to be difficult becomes easier.

Your hunger for success overrides any short term pain you might have to endure.

2. You’re Forced to Grow and Evolve

To have more you first have to become more.

Your dream life won’t fall out of the sky into your lap with no effort on your part.

You have to grow and evolve into an emotionally and psychologically superior person.

3. You See Things You Didn’t See Before

When you set a goal for a better life, your reality starts to shape itself around that goal.

You start noticing things you didn't before.

Your mind focuses more on what will move you closer to your goal and deletes everything else.

How To Live The Life You've Imagined.

Why Is It Important to Not Give up on Your Dreams?

Expectancy, to a great extent, determines your outcome.

If you expect your dream life to just "happen” you're setting yourself up for failure.

You'll most likely endure some form of pain or discomfort, and have to make sacrifices along the way. 

The path won’t be easy, but it won't be impossibly difficult either. 

If you give up on your dreams too early you’ll look back and think “what if I’d stuck with it? What might have been?”

Live The Life You'Ve Imagined

By not giving up on your dreams you reinforce your determination and commitment. 

That, in itself, unlocks a powerful inner force that propels you towards your goal.

You also never know where something might lead.

Even though your original goal didn't turn out as you wanted, what if it leads you on to something better?

Would that make it all worthwhile?

If you give up on your dreams you’ll never know. All you’ll have are feelings of regret and thoughts of “what if?”.

How To Live The Life You've Imagined

Is Following Your Dreams Worth It?

It’s easy to say “live your dreams, create the life you’ve imagined”. 

But actually doing it is a different game altogether.

You have responsibilities, a job, a family, and countless other commitments, and you can’t just toss them away to go chasing your dream life. 

You have to make a decision, and be willing to make sacrifices. 

The agony of not reaching your dreams is worse than any short term pain you might have to experience to have them.

5 Secrets To A Champion Mindset

Why Should You Chase Your Dreams?

  • You’ll feel an enormous amount of pride knowing you made a decision to make your life better, followed through, and succeeded
  • YOLO - You only live once. Time is going to pass anyway. Make the most of it and juice your life for all it’s worth!
  • You won’t have to work a job you hate anymore, because you’ll be closer to your passion, and doing what you enjoy.
  • You’ll be an inspiration to your family and the people around you.
  • You’ll meet amazing people and have incredible experiences. 
  • Your life, in every way, will be better. Without something positive to look forward to and work towards, you have nothing.
How To Live The Life You've Imagined

How to Live the Life You Want

1. Expect a Positive Outcome

If you doubt your ability to create your dream life, you'll sabotage your own success. 

If you expect your outcome to be less than successful your mind and body won’t be at it's best.

Your effort will be half-assed, and your expectation of failure will become a reality.

When you expect a positive outcome you're a lot more likely to get it.

2. Align Your Actions With Your Desired Outcome

You can set an intention to live your dream life.

But if your habits don’t align with that intention you won’t make any progress.

Visualize yourself or someone else already having the goal you want.

What characteristics and habits do they have? Write them down. 

That’s what you want to model your behaviour on.

3. Believe in Your Capabilities

Self-belief can override a lack of education, lack of experience, and limited resources.

Believing in your own capabilities doesn’t mean thinking you already know it all. 

It means learning and doing what you need to, when you need to do it, so you can create the life you’ve imagined.

Live The Life You've Imagined

4. Accept Full Responsibility for Your Results

There’s only one way to reach your dream life: Do it yourself.

Sure you’ll need help along the way, but you’re the one driving the bus.

No one's going to do it for you and no one's coming to save you. 

The sad truth is that very few people care whether you succeed or fail. 

Recite the mantra “If it’s going to be it’s up to me”.

5. Be Courageous

There’s no way around it. You need to start taking action - TODAY. 

Now is the time to be courageous. If not now, when? 

Everyone feels intimidated by the potential for failure when leaping into the unknown. 

But it’s right at this point that you need to harness your personal power. 

Resist your fears, but don't ignore them. Acknowledge your fears, but don't be a slave to them.

It takes courage to be successful. 

5 Secrets To A Champion Mindset

6. Think Bigger

Your life today is a cumulative result of your past thoughts, actions, and life experience.

But to surpass yourself, you need to think bigger.

The human mind overestimates difficulty and underestimates its ability to overcome it. 

Whatever goals you have, raise the bar. Whatever you demand from yourself, start demanding more.

Live How To Live The Life You've Imagined

7. Have a Workable Plan

A businesswoman won't invest her life savings into a business without first having a plan.

When you want to get into shape you don’t only work out when you feel like it. 

You have a routine and a plan and you stick to it.

The same goes for living the life you’ve imagined.

You need some type of blueprint to guide you to your destination.

When designing a workable plan to improve your life consider the following;

  • Career/finances - What’s your ideal career/financial position and what steps you need to take to get there?
  • Family and relationships - Where do the people you love fit into your dream life? 
  • Mental and physical health - How will you keep your mind and body in optimal condition?

Whatever it is that you want, make a plan to get it.

Live The Life You've Imagined

8. Use Your Power of Focus

Think of your mind in terms of bandwidth. 

You have a limited amount to give to tasks, objectives, and anything else going on around you.

How much bandwidth are you wasting on things that don't matter?

Your mind has an amazing ability to focus and achieve, but you’re the only one who can direct that focus.

Cut out anything that doesn't contribute to your goals, and to living the life you’ve imagined.

9. Act as if You Already Have What You Want

Tomorrow never comes, so start living your dream life today, in any way you can.

If you imagine living in a different location, start researching that location.

Visit it, and make plans as if you’re ready to move there.

The same goes for who you want to be.

Start dressing, talking, and acting like that person now, why wait?

Start living today as if you already have what you want. Your success is closer than you think.

Live The Life You'Ve Imagined

Quotes About Living the Life You’ve Imagined

“All our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” ~ Seth Godin

“The resources we need to turn our dreams into reality are within us, merely waiting for the day when we decide to wake up and claim our birthright.” ~ Anthony Robbins

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

“Go for it now. The future is promised to no one.” ~ Wayne Dyer

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
Live The Life You'Ve Imagined