20 Ways How to Be a Better Boyfriend

20 Ways How to Be a Better Boyfriend

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

What is a Good Boyfriend?

If you're a guy who wants to be a better boyfriend, or a girl wanting to know if your guy stacks up, keep reading.

It’s unrealistic to expect any boyfriend (or girlfriend) to be perfect. 

But you should have standards for what you expect from yourself and your partner.

Choose to be with someone who aligns with the values and standards you have.

5 Ways to Know He's a Keeper

1. He’s Genuinely Interested in You

A good boyfriend likes you for you. He’s not using you for your body or to keep him entertained when he’s bored.

You don’t have to pretend to be anyone but yourself when you’re with him. He likes you for who you are.

2. He Gives You the Time You Deserve

He spends quality time with you, and when you’re together he’s fully present.

He’s not on his phone or getting distracted by other things. When he’s with you he’s with you.

Even if it’s only a few hours, he’s right there with you the whole time. 

3. He’s There for You in Bad Times

A good boyfriend is there for you through thick and thin.

When times are good he’s there to celebrate with you and make your day even better. 

When you’re going through hard times he’s right by your side, listening and holding you, telling you it’s going to be ok.

4. He Makes You Feel Special

He treats you differently than anyone else because you are. You’re his girlfriend.

He appreciates you and he’s grateful to have you in his life.

The way he looks at you, talks to you and touches you, makes you feel special.

5. He’s a Positive Influence on You

A good boyfriend will be a source of light in your life. No unnecessary dramas or negativity.

When you’re together you feel his energy and it lifts you up.

Being with him you learn and grow, becoming more self-aware and knowledgeable.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

5 Signs of a Quality Man

1. Integrity

When he says something you know he means it.

He speaks truthfully and sticks to his principles, even when it’s not convenient. 

He’s not afraid to speak up for himself if he sees or hears something that he doesn’t feel is right.

2. Confidence

A good man knows himself, his strengths and his weaknesses. 

He shares his strengths with the world and he’s committed to working on his weaknesses to become a better man. 

He has defined his purpose and he has clear goals related to that purpose, and he takes action on them daily.

3. He Has Clear Goals

A good man knows the type of life he wants to live.

Even if he’s not there yet, he’s working proactively to get where he wants to be. 

Because he’s very clear about what he wants, he doesn’t waste time on trivial or superficial activities.

He values his time and he’s not going to waste it.

4. Self-Respect

Self-respect is the hallmark of a good man. He holds his head high and he’s confident being himself.

A good man with self-respect has boundaries and standards, and no one or nothing will ever cause him to break them.

5. Ambition and Humility

A good man has goals and ambitions.

He wants to be further along than he is and he accepts the responsibility to get himself there. 

He never brags or boasts about what he has, what he did, or what he’s going to do.

A good man lets his results do the talking.

20 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend

20 Ways to Be a Better Boyfriend

1. Respect Her

Show respect to your woman. That means appreciating her and treating her like she's someone special. 

It doesn’t mean showering her with gifts and putting her on a pedestal.

That might be fun for a while, but no woman will respect you long term if you surrender your masculinity and give away your power. 

Treat her like you’d expect a guy to treat your sister if they were dating.

2. Show Interest

Acknowledge your girlfriend. Show interest in what she’s interested in.

Don’t become one of those boring boyfriends you see out with their women looking totally uninterested.  

Ask her about her day, her opinions, and value what she has to say even if you don't always agree with it.

3. Be Your Best Self

Don’t pretend to be anything other than yourself.

Women are quite intuitive and can sniff out when you’re being fake pretty easily. 

Be yourself around your woman.

Be your best self, and if you feel that in some way you’re not good enough, set yourself on a mission to become better. 

Finally, any woman that doesn’t like you for who you are isn’t the right woman for you.

4. Contribute

Contributing to your relationship means taking an active role in making it work.

Success with your woman takes a contribution from both of you. 

Do your part. Give more value to your lady than you expect to receive, forget about words, show it through consistent action.

5. Show Your Romantic Side

Women like to be romanticised by their man. It makes them feel special and it lets them know you care. 

Let’s be honest, most guys couldn’t care less about a romantic night out.

Do it for your woman because you appreciate her and she deserves something special. 

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

6. Be Affectionate

Women think more emotionally than men.

Most guy’s idea of intimacy is 20 minutes of sex followed by a nap. 

Affection and intimacy are so much more than that, especially for your beautiful girlfriend. 

The smallest of things can have the biggest effect on her.

Holding her hand, putting your arms around her or giving her soft kisses on her neck can make her feel special and desired.

7. Show Your Masculinity

Women want a man. Not a little boy or an immature kid. Show your masculinity to your woman.

Let her know you’re a confident man with a purpose and a mission.

A man with positive masculinity values the woman they’re with and isn’t afraid to show it.

8. Listen to Her

Sometimes women just want you to listen to them. They don’t want solutions, they want to speak and be heard. 

Men are biologically programmed to solve problems.

They think that’s what their woman wants when she’s talking to them about her issues. 

Next time she starts, don’t speak. Sit and listen. Let her talk.

9. Let Her Share Her Interests With You

Your girlfriend could be interested in makeup, the game of thrones, or quantum physics. 

You might have zero interest in any of these things. But your relationship isn’t all about you, it’s about both of you. 

Show interest in what she’s interested in. You don’t have to become as obsessed about it as she is, but don’t mock her or laugh it off.

Let her share with you what she’s interested in.

10. Compliment Her Body

Women are self-conscious about their bodies.

Even the most beautiful women who you’d assume would be confident in their skin, get self-conscious about their looks.

Let your girlfriend know you desire her.

Don’t use the same generic “you’re so beautiful” line, let her know specifically why she’s beautiful. 

“Your eyes are mesmerising”, “You have great legs”, “I love the smell of your hair after a shower”. You get the idea.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

11. Don't Show Jealousy

It’s a real turnoff for girls if they’re boyfriend is overly jealous. It shows insecurity on your part. 

Obviously, as a man, you don’t want other guys drooling on your woman and trying to pick her up. 

Make it clear from the start what’s acceptable and what isn’t in terms of her communicating with the opposite sex, then trust she'll handle it.

Most women are a lot more loyal than men when it comes to cheating. 

Beautiful women get hit on every day. It’s nothing personal to you unless it’s done right in front of you. 

Be cool. If you can’t trust her to ignore or deflect the wrong type of attention from other men, you shouldn’t be with her.

12. Communicate Your Feelings

Guys tend to keep their emotions inside and don’t speak about them.

A good boyfriend doesn't hide his feelings from his girlfriend. 

It’s about mutual respect. The success of your relationship depends on the level of communication between you. If something's on your mind, say it. 

Be truthful when you communicate with your girlfriend.

13. Don't Try to Control Her

You don’t own your girl. The more obsessive and needy you are, the more you’ll turn her off. 

You don’t want to be stuck together like glue 24 hours a day.

Give her some space to do her thing, and yourself space to do yours. Then when you're together it's so much more special.

14. Don't Be Dramatic

Women are emotional. 

You don’t need me to tell you that. When your woman's having an emotional meltdown, or you feel a drama’s brewing stay cool and don't buy into it. 

On the surface, it might seem like she’s trying to pull you into the drama.

But what she really wants to see is that you have enough internal fortitude as a man to stand strong.

She needs a pillar of strength in her time of weakness. She doesn't want you to jump in the quicksand with her.

15. Be Cool With Her Family and Friends

A woman's friends and family are important to her.

Do you know how happy you make your girlfriend when she sees you getting along with her family and friends? 

In a woman's mind if her family and friends approve of you then your status in her mind goes through the roof. 

It’s called social proof. Use it to your advantage.

Make your girl happy and create a good connection with the important people in her life. 

Even if you don’t like them, make an effort, be civil, and show her you can rise above petty grievances. 

Show her you care enough about her to do that.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

16. Have Your Own Goals

Have your own goals and interests in life.

How does this make you a better boyfriend? Because it makes you a better man. 

Women are attracted to men with a purpose. 

As much as you like being with your lady, you can’t neglect your own goals and ambitions. 

You need a primary aim in your life, everything else is secondary to that.

Your woman will appreciate you and love you for it.

17. Show You Appreciate Her

Talk is cheap. Anyone can say sweet words.

Show your woman how much you appreciate her through your actions. 

You don’t have to be a hopeless romantic lavishing her with roses and gifts. That’s kind of lame. 

Be a man of action. Ever heard the saying “action speaks louder than words?”. 

A few small gestures can tell your girlfriend you appreciate and value her more than a million cheesy words ever could.

18. Give Her Great Sex

You can’t talk about relationship dynamics without talking about sex.

When it comes to sex, don’t be a “wham, bam thank you mam” guy. 

Take time to please your woman. Warm her up, make her hot, and give her an experience that will put a smile on her face for the next 30 days. 

When you give your girlfriend mind-blowing sexual pleasure, what do you think she'll give you in return?

19. Be a Positive Influence for Her

Be a source of positive energy for the people around you. 

Not fake manufactured positivity, but an attitude towards life that reflects a growth mindset.

People will be drawn to you, your woman will feel more attraction for you, and you’ll respect yourself more.

20. Be a Man Woman Want to Be With

The best way to be a good boyfriend is to be a good man. 

Rational and guided by reason. High self-esteem. An independent thinker living forthrightly in the world. 

Sounds noble right? It is. Be the best man you can be. 

Project your positive masculinity to everyone you come into contact with. Be yourself and keep it real. 

A man who knows who he is, is committed to being his best self and is actively pursuing his goals and ambitions, will be a great catch for any woman.

How To Be A Better Boyfriend

Quotes About How to Be a Better Boyfriend

"Clear communication. Respect. A lot of laughter. And a lot of orgasms. That’s what makes a relationship work." – Dr. Dre

"If I were straight and I was trying to seduce a woman, I could do it just by standing up at the table when she came back from the bathroom. It works. Every time I do that, all the straight men are sitting at the table and their wives are kicking them. “Look at that!” “You never do that for me!”" – Tom Ford

“The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.” – Ernest Hemingway

"How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being." – Oscar Wilde