The Best Ways How to Get in Shape Fast

The Best Ways to Get in Shape Fast!

Must Know Tips For Getting In Shape Fast!

Getting in Shape is a Personal journey

How do you get a better body? 

Some people are out of shape and a better body will save their life. 

Other people who are already in amazing shape are on a mission to create an even better body for themselves.

Wherever state you're currently in, there is a desire for a more healthy and attractive body. 

To get in shape you have to do it yourself. No one will do it for you. 

Do the right things the right way until you get the result you want.

Then when you get that result you need to condition it until it becomes an unbreakable life habit.

You get a better body by putting in the work. 

The best thing you can do is start today.

Getting in Shape is Different for Everyone

How to get in shape is different for everyone.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’.

When it comes to sculpting your masterpiece what works for them might not work for you.

There are fundamental elements to improving your body.

These fundamentals aren't complicated but you need to use them over time if you want to see results.

If you do the right things consistently you will see results FAST!

What are the right things? Read on to find out...

How To Get Lean Body

What Does the Ideal You Look Like?

As with anything you want in life you need to start with a clear idea of what that you want to achieve.

When you say ‘I want to get in shape fast’ what do you mean by that?

For some people it means losing a few kilos or pounds.

For other people stronger cardiovascular and a lean body is what 'in shape' means.

Others still would consider getting in shape to mean packing on a ton of muscle.

What does getting in shape mean for you?

You need a benchmark to measure your results. 

Feeling Good About Yourself

The purpose of having a better body is to feel good about your body and to feel good about yourself.

Feeling good about yourself is a largely psychological process.

Have you ever seen someone who has a beautiful body but still thinks they're unattractive?

Body dysmorphia is common and is a primary motivator for many people to get in shape.

No matter how good they look they keep going for more.

This can be a positive if it drives you to get in shape and stay there.

But theres also a darker side to this form of motivation.

You can't have a healthy self image and be happy with who you are when you're coming from a place of not being good enough.

Better Body

Mindset & Desire Are Critical to Your Success

Your physical body is a reflection of the values and beliefs you have about it.

Your mindset is the key factor to getting a better body and keeping it.

To get anything in life you need a strong desire.

Without desire you'll get knocked off your path when your initial motivation subsides.

When things get difficult, and you realise the path is much longer and steeper than you thought it was. 

This is where you need your desire to carry you through.

How To Get A Better Body

How Long Does it Take You to Get in Shape?

How long does it take to get in shape? 

The answer: it depends. Getting in better shape isn’t a one off event. 

Strength and fitness disappears if it's not maintained and conditioned. Ask any athlete.

The time it takes to get in shape also depends on your starting point.

Instead of asking “how long does it take to get in shape?” Just start getting in shape.

When you're doing the right things you should see improvements quite fast.

Must Know Tips For Getting In Shape Fast!

How to Get Your Ideal Body

The word ‘perfect’ is misleading because there really is no such thing.

But in the context of a better you can say that a perfect body is the body you would be proud to have.

You need to be clear on your body goals and how you plan to get there.

Back this up with the self discipline and over time you will see your body morph into the image you desire.

The things you do day in and day out create your long-term results.

Your lifestyle is what gives you a better body.

Must Know Tips For Getting In Shape Fast!

The Power of Body Image 

Your body image plays a huge part in improving your health and physical appearance. 

How you see yourself and your body is a massive contributor to your self-image and your level of self esteem.

If you have a negative self image you’re more likely to be shy, or to suffer anxiety and self-consciousness.

These will restrict your motivation to take action to improve your body.

If you have a positive self image you have inner strength to channel towards your better body.


Beating yourself down with self-loathing is draining and self destructive.

A healthy self image gives you an underlying foundation of self-love and self-respect.

This acts as a power source that will drive you forward to become a better version of yourself.

This moves you towards your goal of having the body you want.

Get In Shape Fast

Build Better Body Habits

Going to the gym once or twice and eating a salad a few times a month will not give you long term results.

A better body comes from habitual thoughts and behaviours that empower you.

It’s what you do daily that will cause your life to move in a particular direction.

This is key towards an amazing body.

If your habits don’t support your desired outcome you won’t achieve it, or of you do it will be fleeting and won't last.

Must Know Tips For Getting In Shape Fast!

A Simple Math for Getting in Shape

Health and wellness is a billion dollar industry. 

There are thousands of programs and products claiming to give you a better body. 

Think of all the ab machines and protein powders, to name a few.

These sellers and ‘experts’ make out like the process is so difficult that there’s no way you can do it without them.

You have to pay them for their ‘expertise’, their products and services THEN they’ll show you how to get a better body.

Don’t buy in to the lie. Phenomenal results with your health and your body are a result of a few simple actions applied over time.

Forget the magic potions and lotions, the fad diets and the 7 day fat loss supplements.

Optimal health comes from eating clean food, exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle.

In theory this equation is extraordinarily simple. What adds to the complexity is being human.

Procrastination. Lack of discipline. General weakness.

That's what keeps people from having the better body they want to have.

But like anything worthwhile, the key is to begin.

It gets easier the more you do it. Once it becomes a habit you don’t even have to think about it anymore.

You’ll do it automatically because that is now who you are.

How Do I Get A Beach Body

Burn Your Body Fat

Lay off the fast food. Stay away from fried foods and foods drenched in oil. Eat less.

Keep the carbohydrates under control and stay away from sugar.

White rice and white bread are unnecessary. You don’t need them. If you’re an adult you don’t even need dairy. 

Every glass of milk you drink is like drinking a glass of fat.

Water, lean meats, vegetables and fruits should be your staples.

Everyone likes a pizza or pasta and you don’t have to deprive yourself. Keep it in moderation. 

Use your self-discipline to eat smart.

Get Rid Of Body Fat

Hard Training Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

You want to be training at least 5 days per week. 

Mix up your training so you’re doing strength work and cardio vascular training.

But this will all depend on your goals.

Ideally you want to be strengthening muscle and stripping fat.

If you think you'll get a better body by going to the gym and walking on a treadmill you’re kidding yourself.

Try running on a treadmill at an uncomfortable speed at full incline.

Use the treadmill for interval sprints. Run until you can’t breath.

Train like you’re serious.

That's when you start to see results. You need to be training beyond your comfort zone.

Your Body is a Reflection of Your Habits

If you’re drinking beer like it’s water and eating huge amounts of chocolate and sweets that’s your life choice.

But don’t expect to get a better body if your lifestyle doesn’t support your goals.

If you want to lose body fat you need to live a lifestyle that supports that.

Burn more calories than you consume and you can’t not burn body fat.

Don’t eat ‘because you feel like it’ and when you do don’t stuff your face until you can't move.

Living a lifestyle to get rid of body fat comes down to two things; common sense and self-discipline.

The challenge is that most people have neither.

Like a muscle they need to be strengthened and conditioned. 

A Strong Body Requires a Strong Mind

Try this exercise, it takes 15 minutes and can change your life;

  • Write down what you look like in your new body.
  • Write down the lifestyle habits of someone who already has the body you want to have
  • Write down all the habits you that will keep you from having your ideal body
  • Write down all the habits you will need to install in your life to get you ideal body.
  • Write down 3 things you can do in the next 24 hours that will move you closer to your better body (join a gym, find a new workout program, throw out all the junk food in your kitchen, get a comprehensive blood test done at the doctors).

Best Quotes About Getting Yourself in Shape

“Do not let what you can not do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” – Tommy Lasorda

“Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.” – Lou Holtz

“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day.” – Wayne Gretzky