10 Steps How to Change Your Life Today

10 Steps How to Change Your Life Today

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

What Makes a Person Successful

I've been fascinated by personal success for most of my life. 

I always wondered what it is that makes a person successful or unsuccessful.

I had a lot of questions.

Why wasn't I successful?

How could I become more successful? 

And why do so many people say they want success but so few people find it?

I discovered that there are specific steps to success.

Similar to following a recipe to bake a cake, when you follow the steps, you get success.

I dedicated my life to studying and applying success principles to my own life.

I'll share the steps that I follow for my own personal success.

Hopefully they'll be as life changing for you as they have for me.

Let's dive in...

How Do You Measure Success?

Success. What is it and how do you get it?

Success means different things to different people.

Mainstream and social media has manufactured a false image of success.

This false image is promoted to sell products and services to people like you and me.

We are sold on the illusion that success can be had quickly with little effort or hard work.

But in the real world success is a long term game.

The overnight success you read about doesn't mention the years of practice and hard work it took to get there.

You need to define what success means for you.

How do you measure success? How will you know if you are successful or not? 

Don't chase someone else's dream, or what you've been told success should be.

Decide what it means for you. 

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

Different Types of Success

There are many different ways to be successful. 

What works for one might not work for another.

But when you study successful people you notice some common characteristics.

Being successful requires the right combination of activities, from strategy to execution.

Personal Mastery is discovering your own unique set of abilities.

Using those abilities in ways that move you closer to your goal.

Finding and embodying the right attitude helps you create your own success.

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

Your Success Depends on Your Goals 

You need to know what you want before you decide how you will be successful at it.

Step one to attaining success in anything is to get clear on your outcome.

Once you know your outcome you can design a plan around it and make it your reality.

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

How to Create Your Own Success

Once you know your outcome it’s time to start formulating your recipe for success.

Write down everything you need to do to reach your end goal.

What knowledge or information will you need?

Who will you need to speak to?

What new skills will you need to become competent in the area you want to excel in?

What actions do you need to take?

What weaknesses in your own personality will you have to overcome?

Your answers to these questions will give you a blueprint to you to follow.  

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

Success Leaves Clues

When you study successful people you start to see common themes.

Certain characteristics and attitudes are correlated with success moreso than others.

A person with ambition has a higher probability of success than a person who is lazy.

People who are great at what they do follow similar principles. 

They have an underlying dogged determination to get it done. They don't quit half way.

They devise a plan. They execute.

They keep going until they have it.

They're finishers.

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

Fundamental Keys to Success

When you want to be successful start with the fundamentals.

Are you in good physical and psychological shape?

Do your lifestyle habits support you?

Is there anything in your life that could be blocking your success?

Are your thoughts positive or negative?

Do you have clear goals?

Getting these fundamentals right is critical to success.

10 Steps To Success (Change Your Life In 2020)

Application is Key

Procrastination is knowing what you should do and not doing it. 

To know is not enough. You need to apply what you know.

Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is potential power.

Knowledge is only power if you use it.

When you know the steps to success you have to apply them.

Success is a habit. 

The more often you take an action the easier it is to do that same action again. 

That's how habits are formed. 

The process can work for you or against you. 

In the beginning habits take conscious effort.

But over time they become automatic. 

When your new behaviour gets anchored into your mind you won't have to think about it anymore. 

It will become who you are.

Critical Success Factors

Self Education is Key

You need the right knowledge in your chosen area if you want to excel in it. 

You need to know what you're talking about.

Most successful people have applied themselves to a specific area of expertise. 

They focused themselves like a laser to become the best at what they do.

Success doesn't happen by chance. If it does, it doesn't last long.

Learn as much as you can about what you want to be successful at.

Educate yourself. Give yourself an advantage.

Self education is a key to success.

Accumulating theoretical knowledge gives you a framework and a model to work with. 

You then take action based on that model. 

Don't put all your efforts on theory and education without doing anything.

Knowledge and education is only valuable when you apply it.

What Are Your Keys To Success In 2019

Applying What You Learn

When you learn as much as you can in your chosen area you gain an advantage.

Education puts you in a position of power. 

Apply your knowledge to your objectives.

Give yourself every opportunity to succeed and make a good life for yourself.

The only thing separating you from where you are now and where you want to be is knowledge and action.

Education gives you access to both.

Once you have the knowledge, use it and take action!

Education Is The Key To Success

Character Traits of Successful People

1. They Have Self-Esteem

Low self esteem and self consciousness have a detrimental effect on success. 

Your thoughts and your state of mind are the most important keys to your success.

Success starts in your mind with high self-esteem and a good self image.

How you see yourself is everything.

Accomplishment builds your self esteem and your self image.

Successful people have self esteem and a strong sense of who they are. 

They have doubts and challenges like anyone else.

But their self confidence and optimism carries them through.

What Are Your Keys To Success In 2019

2. They Set Goals and Take Action

When you know what you want and have knowledge about how to get it it's time to execute.

This is another characteristic of successful people.

All success comes from having an idea and executing on that idea.

Decide what you want and what you need to do to get there – then do it.

You don’t need to have the entire path laid out in front of you before you start.

What is the first thing you can do?

What's one thing that will start moving you in the right direction?

What Are Your Keys To Success In 2019

3. They Have Positive Habits

Your habits make you or break you.

What you do once or twice might not be a big deal.

But over time they add up.

Success comes from doing the right things day after day.

Month after month. Year after year.

You know what you should be doing. The question is are you doing it? 

When you develop successful habits you'll be amazed at the effects they'll have in your life.

A year from now you'll look back and you won't believe how far you've come.

The Recipe For Success

10 Steps to Lasting Success

1. Create a Compelling Vision

Develop a compelling vision for yourself. 

Make your vision so delicious that when you think about it you feel motivated and excited.

Your vision is what keeps you hungry and drive you to take action. 

2. Be Enthusiastic and Commit

Finding success means doing what most people are unwilling to do. 

Sacrifice. Delayed gratification. Risking failure and humiliation in pursuit of your dream.

Success comes at a price. You have to be willing to pay it.

Without enthusiasm and commitment you'll quit when things gets hard, and quitting never leads to success.

3. Get Organised

A large part of success is being organised. 

The more organised you are the more efficient you become and the more you get done. 

Set up a system for yourself so you get them most productivity out of the least amount of effort. 

Then reinvest the effort you saved into more productivity.

4. Action. Action. Action!

You can have the greatest vision in the history of the world. 

You can make all the plans and gather all the resources.

But it's all worthless if you don't take action.

Taking action is a skill. Skills need to be developed.

There's only one way to develop the ability to act.

Taking action wether you feel like it or not.

If you know it should be done, do it.

5. Build Your Self-Confidence

Applying the steps to success in your own life takes a degree of faith and self belief.

You need to be able to back yourself, even when no one else will.

When you have confidence in your own capabilities everything becomes easier.

You can build self esteem by setting incremental goals and pursuing them.

Over time your self image changes from who you are to who you want to be. 

6. Escape From Your Comfort Zone

If you had what you needed to succeed you'd already be successful.

Success lays outside of your comfort zone.

That means doing new things, meeting new people, and venturing into unchartered waters.

This is a tell tale sign of a person who is serious about success.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to be successful?

Your answer will tell you how serious you are about your success.

7. Focus on One Thing at a Time

If you spread yourself too thin and try to be good at everything you'll be good at nothing.

Choose one or two areas to focus on at a time.

Decide what's most important for your success and be excellence at it. 

Excellence is a habit.

Once you've gained high level competency in that area you can start on another one. 

This is where your enthusiasm and commitment come in.

8. Find Good Mentors

If you could do it alone you would have done it by now.

Even people who are at the top of their game need coaches and mentors.

No one does it alone.

If your vision of success is so small that you could do it all alone then you're not thinking big enough.

You can find good mentors in books and courses, as well as real life mentors.

Get around good people. Find good mentors.

9. Commit to Lifelong Learning

Ongoing learning is a pre requisite to success.

You have to commit to constant improvement. 

Everyone wants to be successful. There's a lot of people competing for the same resources.

Technology moves fast and you need to stay on top of it. 

You have to be at the top of your game by always upgrading your knowledge and skill sets.

10. Set Big Goals

If you want to be average set small goals.

If you want to be successful set big goals.

Even if you have no idea how you will achieve them. Set big goals.

You either rise to the challenges in front of them or you perish.

When you have big goals you tap into parts of yourself don't even know you have.

If you play small you stay small. Successful people don't play small. 

They set big goals and get to work.

So now it's up to you.

What's your vision?

What knowledge and skills do you need to excel in your chosen area?

Which of the 10 steps to success do you need to work on most?

Your future success is now in your hands.

Best Quotes About 10 Steps to Success

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out" - Robert Collier

"Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps" - David Lloyd George

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" - Theodore Roosevelt

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal" -Henry Ford

"Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got" - Jim Rohn